Swissbit M.2 SATA SSD X-78m2 provides endurance for heavy data logging applications

Swissbit has expanded its product range with the launch of the M.2 SATA SSD X-78m2. The new series is designed for especially write-intensive applications, is ideal for audio, video, and data recording, as well as serving as a boot medium, and achieves 2.5 times the endurance of previous generations.

Swissbit M.2 SATA SSD X-78m2

At the same time, it meets the most stringent requirements for reliability, temperature stability, and longevity. This makes the SSD suitable for any application that requires high endurance without compromising on data retention or temperature profiles.

Typical target applications include industrial PCs, point-of-sale (PoS) systems, embedded and surveillance systems, as well as mission-critical applications in the transportation, medical, networking, and communications sectors. The X-78m2 series is based on the compact M.2 2242 form factor and is immediately available with storage capacities ranging from 40 GB to 320 GB.

The X-78m2 series’ endurance ratings of up to 80 DWPD (Drive Writes Per Day) make it the first choice for demanding workloads of write-intensive applications. The series achieves this by utilizing the latest generation of industry-standard 3D TLC NAND, configured in pSLC mode. The interface supports SATA III data transfer rates of up to 6 Gb/s and is backward compatible with SATA II and SATA I. Thus, the SSD achieves data rates of up to 560 MB/s for sequential reads and 490 MB/s for sequential writes. It exceeds 73,000 and 86,000 IOPS for reads and writes, respectively.

The X-78m2 is designed and specified for industrial use at operating temperatures ranging from -40 to +85 °C, including stability against the “cross temperature effect”. The product line will also be available for a commercial temperature range of 0 to +70 °C.

Intelligent product architecture with optimized hardware and firmware

Swissbit relies on a high-performance Flash NAND controller that ensures effective error correction, combined with industry-specific Swissbit Data Care Management firmware.

With its perfectly compatible components, the new high-endurance SSD combines robustness, reliability, and data integrity over its entire life cycle – regardless of changing environmental conditions, unexpected power outages, and even when data has not been accessed for extended periods of time.

Swissbit also offers optional security features for the X-78m2, including AES-128/256 encryption and TCG-OPAL 2.0 access protection.


The X-78m2 series is immediately available through all Swissbit sales channels in the M.2 2242 form factor with capacities ranging from 40 to 320 GB.

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