GuidePoint Security Threat Intelligence Services helps customers understand their current maturity level

GuidePoint Security launched Threat Intelligence Services, designed to help customers understand their current intelligence capabilities and maturity level.

GuidePoint Security Threat Intelligence Services

These wide range of services, which are delivered by GuidePoint’s Research & Intelligence Team (GRIT), provide stand-alone threat intelligence services, as well as full Threat Intelligence-as-a-Service offerings. All of these services are fully customizable to meet an organization’s current and future requirements.

“We continue to look at areas of investment and innovation, to provide our customers with end-to-end cybersecurity capabilities that solve their unique challenges,” said Bryan Orme, Principal and Partner, GuidePoint Security. “While the market has many threat intelligence products, organizations often are lacking the unique skill sets to have highly relevant intel drive security decisions.”

GuidePoint Security’s threat intelligence services include:

  • Threat intelligence assessment: This service aims to provide customers a point-in-time assessment of their current Threat Intelligence functions with a quantitative and qualitative maturity rating. Once assessed, GRIT works with the customer to produce meaningful next steps that mature threat intelligence functions and meet the company’s needs.
  • Threat intelligence maturity program: GRIT leverages years of experience, and threat intelligence best practices to understand an organization’s threat intelligence goals and help create and execute an achievable plan.
  • Threat Intelligence as a Service: GRIT offers a multitude of managed service capabilities including deployment and management of an organization’s Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP), attack surface monitoring, dark web intelligence, threat briefs, malware analysis, and threat modeling.

“When it comes to relevant and actionable threat intelligence that drives security decisions, many organizations lack the expertise, tools and components necessary to build a true program,” said Tony Cook, Head of Threat Intelligence, GuidePoint Security. “With GRIT and our full spectrum of intel services, we help organizations understand their current maturity level and build out a roadmap to achieve their goals. One of the core concepts for this set of offerings is to ensure our customers are making the most of their investments in their threat intelligence and security solutions, and/or help them offset the ever-growing costs of building and managing their own Threat Intelligence Program.”

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