Rackspace Technology partners with Cohesity to boost business resiliency against ransomware

Rackspace Technology announced a strategic partnership with Cohesity to deliver multicloud managed backup and recovery solutions for Rackspace Technology customers globally.

Rackspace Technology Cohesity

Under the partnership, Rackspace Technology will offer customers Rackspace Data Protection, a high-performance, software-defined Cohesity-Powered backup and recovery service that delivers cyber resilient managed backup and recovery across VMware-based clouds.

Cohesity DataProtect is the foundation of the Rackspace Data Protection solution which includes backup and recovery for VMware workloads and options such as advisory services and ransomware anomaly detection and remediation services. Rackspace Technology customers leveraging Rackspace Data Protection can gain access to several critical next-gen data management and protection advantages and efficiencies including:

  • A single, simple solution – Rackspace Data Protection simplifies global backup and recovery by replacing multiple point products with a single solution for on-premises or multicloud high-performance backup and recovery. It also allows organizations to protect and manage traditional and modern data sources from a single, global UI.
  • Ransomware remediation – Immutable snapshots help prevent ransomware from encrypting backup data, while machine learning-based anomaly detection can help uncover hidden threats and can play a key role in alerting customers to potential cyber attacks.
  • Rapid recovery at scale – In the event of a cyber attack, natural disaster, or human error, fully hydrated snapshots can allow user admins with the right privilege to rapidly restore data at a granular level and applications to any point in time.
  • Scaling while shrinking data and storage footprint – By eliminating complex and expensive on-premises forklift upgrades, organizations can easily scale without disruption. In addition, Rackspace Data Protection can optimize storage capacity and data mobility with global variable-length deduplication and compression to reduce customers’ data footprints and attack surface.

“The partnership with Cohesity gives our customers access to a proven, robust data protection solution that eliminates legacy backup silos and provides comprehensive protection against the array of rising data threats they are facing, including ransomware,” said Josh Prewitt, chief product officer at Rackspace Technology. “Customers can now manage and control data recovery from a single source, more efficiently store data, and eliminate potentially costly disruptions.”

Rackspace Technology is an industry recognized leader in providing VMware-based cloud services. Adding Cohesity’s data protection layer with integrated VMware Cloud Director (vCD) will help unify the efforts of SecOps and ITOps to better combat cyber threats and empower customers with self-service management. The managed service helps assure Rackspace Technology customers that their data and workloads running on VMware infrastructure are more resilient than ever.

“We are excited to engage in this partnership as it really addresses customers’ number one concern today, developing cyber resilience so they can quickly defend and if needed, rapidly recover data in the event of a cyber attack,” said John Theberge, vice president, global alliances, service providers and GSIs, Cohesity. “Our next-gen data management capabilities, including DataProtect, give Rackspace Technology customers a simple and powerful solution that can enhance their security posture, advance protection, and improve their business resiliency.”

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