Box Canvas strengthens collaboration across the hybrid workplace

Box unveiled Box Canvas, virtual whiteboarding and visual collaboration experience that securely connects hybrid teams so they can brainstorm, ideate, and create, together from anywhere.

Box Canvas

Built natively into Box, and available later this year to all users at no additional cost, Box Canvas will deliver a powerful new way for people to collaborate, while leveraging the enterprise-grade security, compliance, and workflow automation capabilities Box’s 100,000 customers know and love.

“With approximately 70 percent of companies in the U.S. and Europe planning to establish a hybrid work environment, it’s clear that the future of work is here,” said Diego Dugatkin, Chief Product Officer at Box. “This new way of working requires tools that extend beyond static document types and traditional communication styles to be more dynamic and fluid. Box is taking collaboration to the next level with Box Canvas. Our goal is to unleash the power of creativity so teams can solve complex problems, nurture fresh ideas, and create new ways of working together from anywhere.”

“The future of work is evolving rapidly, and it’s becoming clear that organizations can’t provide a one-size-fits-all approach for how employees get their work done,” said Holly Muscolino, Group Vice President for Content Strategies and the Future of Work at IDC. “Historically, Box as a platform has always given users the freedom to work in the way that’s best for them – from any device, in any location, and in any application. With the introduction of Canvas, Box is taking this flexibility of choice one step further by bringing interactive, visual modes of collaboration into the mix, and providing a new way for employees to stay connected regardless of whether they are in the office or at home.”

Box Canvas to power inclusive collaboration

The Box Content Cloud already makes it easy for 67% of the Fortune 500 to manage, share, secure, and collaborate on their content, internally and externally, with customers and partners. The introduction of Box Canvas will deliver even more value to customers by giving all users access to a new, visual collaboration tool within the platform they already use to get work done at no additional cost.

With this new innovation, users and teams will be able to:

  • Keep everyone in the loop by inviting coworkers and external collaborators to an unlimited number of Canvases to brainstorm in real-time or at their own pace, regardless of location and time zones.
  • Get started quickly with premade templates, and alert collaborators in real time with notifications and @mentions when something needs their attention.
  • Work the way they want with free-form drawing and text, and present data easily and clearly with diagrams, wireframes, and process flows using visual elements like shapes and connectors.
  • Run engaging, productive meetings and workshops with timer tools and the ability to create presentable slides directly from Canvas.
  • Provide interactive feedback using sticky notes and comments, and drive consensus by voting on ideas with emoji.
  • Eliminate complexity, reduce cost, and limit content sprawl with one integrated solution for visual collaboration that is protected by Box’s industry-leading security.

By enabling untapped creativity in every team member, Box Canvas will help teams in any department and function to take their ideas from the whiteboarding phase to actionable outcomes. For example:

  • Marketing teams can use Canvas to conduct interactive workshops to shape the next campaign. All team members will have the ability to contribute to the collaboration session, and once completed, the end result can be saved and shared with internal or external teams for feedback and next steps.
  • Product teams can use Canvas to map out and visualize each step of a login flow for a new app or product. Once finalized, they can route the diagram to other teams for input or approval through Box Relay, or save it in the team folder for reference.
  • User experience teams can use Canvas to storyboard a user onboarding experience by embedding an inspirational video, as well as a Box Note, into the shared Canvas.
  • Sales teams can use Canvas to create sales dashboards, presentations and interactive account plans. From there, they can engage clients by inviting them to participate in account planning and align on common goals.
  • HR teams can use Canvas to run hands-on training and onboarding sessions that are engaging, fun, and inclusive. Every participant can interact and contribute at their own pace.

Box Canvas availability and pricing

Box Canvas is expected to be generally available in the fall of 2022 with additional features rolling out thereafter. Box Canvas will be included in all Box plans and all users will have access to unlimited Canvases at no additional cost.

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