Keeper Password Manager for Business

In this video, Craig Lurey, CTO and Co-Founder of Keeper Security, explains the features of the Keeper Password Manager for Business.

Keeper eliminates the pain of having to remember passwords while protecting your business from password-related data breaches and cyberthreats.

Zero knowledge
Keeper is a Zero-Knowledge platform which means that all of your passwords and private information is encrypted locally on your device and protected by 256-bit AES encryption keys.

Master password
Each user selects a strong Master Password which is only used for Keeper. After logging in, you are prompted for two-factor authentication and then your vault is decrypted.

Business customers can also sign in with their existing Single Sign-On solution such as Okta, Azure or G Suite.

Vault records
Here in the vault, users can store and protect passwords, files and any type of confidential information. Vault records can be viewed as tiles or as folders. Records can be organized into subfolders and shared folders with drag-and-drop.

Within the Keeper record, our password generator helps users create strong and unique passwords for every site.

Records can be created with free-form custom fields. This is where you can store things like account numbers or customer information.

You can also attach any type of file to vault records, such as a passport photo, media file, SSH key or other secure document type.

Keeper’s Autofill feature we call “KeeperFill” makes it easy to login, save passwords and change passwords on any website or app.

KeeperFill works seamlessly on every desktop web browser and mobile device. On iOS and Android, KeeperFill is totally integrated into every app and website.

Shared passwords
Important passwords such as Wi-Fi passwords, IT accounts and social media logins can be securely shared among individual users or a team.

Record history
Version history is maintained for every change to every record. You can revert a password or even view deleted passwords at any time.

Secure add ons
BreachWatch is a secure add-on that scans passwords in the vault against public data breaches in the Dark Web. It then alerts users to so they can take action to protect their accounts.

Admin console
Business customers login to the Keeper Admin Console to invite other users, set policies, manage teams and monitor usage. The Admin Console works for any sized business.

Inviting users
Your employees can be added to Keeper many different ways through the admin console, either manually, sync’d from active directory, single sign-on or other methods.

Users can be managed through the use of roles and teams. Enforcement policies control how users access their vault and the features that they can use. Roles can also be given admin permissions.

Teams can be created and then added to Shared Folders from the vault with different levels of permission.

Security audit
The “Security Audit” monitors the overall password strength and security score of the organization.

BreachWatch admin
BreachWatch alerts the admin if an employee’s password has been found in a public data breach or the Dark Web.

Advanced reporting & alerts

The Advanced Reporting and Alerts Module tracks over 80 security events.

Reports can be customized and alerts can also be created. For example, any time a particular password is updated or filled.

In addition to the reporting and alerting capabilities, event data can be streamed into any existing SIEM solution such as Splunk.

Keeper also has a developer API and command line toolkit we call Keeper Commander.


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