Transcend Data Mapping removes manual compliance work for companies

Transcend announced Data Mapping as an actionable addition for a company’s privacy program.

Transcend Data Mapping

With Transcend Data Mapping, modern companies unlock unified data management through automated scanning, data silo discovery, and advanced content classification—all in an easy-to-use and collaborative platform where users can easily assign system owners, delegate tasks, and generate compliance records.

Having an accurate, complete data map is critical for companies to enable data governance and privacy compliance efficiently and at scale. But keeping track of where companies store personal data can be a logistical nightmare. Transcend’s latest research shows that a staggering 66% of companies surveyed rely on manual lists or ad-hoc conversations to understand which data systems should be included in their company’s privacy request compliance efforts, hindering their ability to scale compliance operations and meet modern data rights requirements.

Without a unified data map crucial governance activities such as processing access and erasure requests, identifying risky data sets, or generating a ROPA (Record of Processing Activities) become harder, more costly, and vulnerable to human error.

Transcend is the leading privacy company that powers data rights for consumer-centric companies like Clubhouse, Groupon, Robinhood, and many more, and is recognized as the easiest way for companies to delete, return, or modify a person’s data across all systems. This means that current and future customers can benefit from even easier data visibility and governance, through an accurate, living data map that uncovers new data systems, organizes personal data, and directly feeds into privacy request workflows.

“In continuously studying the state of the industry we were staggered by this research, which showed how prevalent manual data mapping workflows still are,” said Transcend CEO Ben Brook. “Too many companies are still struggling with non-automated privacy processes, and have yet to enjoy a real experience of privacy automation that’s actually connected to your data and lives up to its claims. At Transcend we’re obsessed with user experience and making privacy insanely easy. That extends to today’s Data Mapping launch,” said Brook.

Leading companies sign on as early Data Mapping partners

Some of the world’s most innovative brands have joined Transcend as early and exclusive design partners for Transcend’s Data Mapping product because it brings them closer to a fully automated compliance program. They’re able to gain full visibility into their company’s data systems (from SaaS tools to internal databases) and the personal data within them that they couldn’t before. This data map directly plugs into data governance, so those who haven’t yet deployed a fully automated privacy request solution can now do so in an entirely turnkey way.

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