Spin Technology introduces a new solution for Microsoft Office 365 customers to identify risky applications

Spin Technology introduced Application Risk Assessment and Access Management as a new module for SpinOne for Office 365 SaaS data protection platform.

Spin Technology Risk Assessment and Access Management

This solution allows Office 365 administrators to easily assess risk of all applications that have OAuth access to their mission critical SaaS data with insights and remediation methods on possible incurred risks to reduce Shadow IT cases.

New cloud vulnerabilities and cybersecurity concerns are top priorities as organizations migrate business-critical data and services to the cloud. In addition, many businesses are using multiple third-party cloud/SaaS apps to extend and enrich their cloud SaaS environments. As a result, easy access to third-party apps leads to increased compliance, data leak, and shadow IT risks.

According to a recent survey, some 75% of IT leaders say security is their top concern regarding cloud SaaS environments, followed by compliance (58%) and shadow IT (57%). SpinOne provides an industry-leading risk assessment and access management solution for OAuth Apps, now including Office 365.

It gives CISOs, SecOps teams, and IT admins the needed visibility to third-party cloud SaaS apps in Office 365 along with a risk score for each specific app. Using the automated Office 365 risk assessment, organizations can automatically create granular security policies that allow or block applications based on the risk score. This process is fully automated and helps to mitigate human error, ensure a strong cybersecurity posture, conformance to regulatory compliance requirements, and protection against Shadow IT concerns.

“A long time ago, system administrators were able to set up Active Directory in a way that not a single mouse slipped through, and only the right applications were running on the computer to make sure everything was safe. Then the world moved to SaaS and employees started using ‘Browsers’ more frequently – for work, entertainment, accessing data, banking, among others. However, this has also led to violation of rules and corporate policies making it more difficult for SecOps teams to have full visibility, control and ensure compliance. That is why here at Spin we decided to provide the most robust solution to identify risky applications and limit access to mission critical SaaS data by avoiding data leak, data loss and zero-day costs,” said Dmitry Dontov, the CEO and founder of Spin Technology.

With the new Risk Assessment and Access Management solution for Office 365, IT admins can now:

  • Quickly view a list of all applications that have access to their mission-critical SaaS data
  • View insights as to which/how many users have access to the applications
  • View when the Office 365 cloud SaaS app was last accessed, including when the OAuth token was last refreshed
  • Access an assessment of over twenty different categories per application which outline possible business, security, or compliance risks for a particular application
  • Determine the full scope of permissions cloud SaaS applications request upon installation
  • Allow or block specific cloud SaaS apps granularly, including for everyone in the organization or certain users/security groups
  • Provide feedback on a specific cloud SaaS app’s risk assessment score
  • Automate alerting and access management through security policies
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