Zen Internet partners with Kroll to enhance cybersecurity strategies for businesses across the UK

Zen Internet announced a new strategic partnership with Kroll to enhance online protection for businesses across the UK.

Zen Internet Kroll

Zen will offer Kroll’s flagship managed detection and response solution, Kroll Responder, and its penetration testing, attack simulation and protection services. Zen’s customers will benefit from Kroll’s front-line threat intelligence and experienced team of accredited analysts, threat hunters and incident response experts who handle more than 3,200 incidents every year.

With more robust and resilient cyber security in place, organizations’ cyber risk will be minimised and their ability to quickly identify and respond to threats in real-time will be improved, a critical capability given that digital communications and therefore the potential opportunities for attack are accelerating at pace.

Mark Nicholls, Chief Research Officer in Kroll’s Cyber Risk practice comments: “With the UK’s Information Commissioners Office only recently saying that we’ve entered a ‘new era of security’ and our research finding that there was a 140 percent increase in data breach cases reported between 2019 and 2020, it’s clear that businesses in the UK need to invest in their protection against cyber attacks.

We’re looking forward to working with Zen to bring our security solutions to more businesses in the UK market. It will allow organizations to not only improve their cyber resilience through better detection and response – but also allow them to assess the effectiveness and maturity of these measures – something which is essential in the current threat environment.”

Dave Barber, Portfolio Management Director at Zen Internet, comments: “With the number of cyberattacks rising sharply, businesses are feeling the pressure to ensure their security measures are up to scratch, whilst simultaneously accelerating their digital transformation journey post-covid. With the skills gap in the cybersecurity industry ongoing, businesses are increasingly outsourcing services to experts in the field who can provide a one-stop shop for holistic security solutions.

“Our partnership with Kroll is fundamental in enhancing our clients’ cybersecurity strategies; it brings a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity and risk management, providing UK businesses with round the clock access to qualified analysts to support their digital transformation and protect their business.”

Penetration Testing Services

Kroll’s Penetration Testing Services offer Zen’s clients cyber assessments of computer networks, systems, and applications to identify and address security weaknesses. The range of penetration testing engagements helps organizations to effectively manage cybersecurity risk by identifying, safely exploiting, and helping to remediate vulnerabilities that could otherwise lead to data and assets being compromised by malicious attackers. Given the scale of increasingly sophisticated breach attacks being encountered by businesses, this will enhance the overall cyber resilience of organizations.

Kroll Responder

A managed detection and response (MDR) solution, Kroll Responder merges frontline threat intelligence and incident response experience with proprietary forensic tools and rich telemetry from endpoints, network, cloud and SaaS providers. It delivers enhanced visibility to enable organizations to rapidly shut down cyber threats.

This new portfolio of security products is available now.


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