improves efficiency in security operations with AI-Assisted Cybersecurity platform released its AI-Assisted Cybersecurity platform that captures and merges institutional expert knowledge with organizational context for generating specific, unique AI models to scale security operations. AI-Assisted Cybersecurity platform

The platform gives security teams extra help defending their organization with a no-code approach that enables workflow automation, including analyst decision making, while democratizing the use of deep learning and natural language processing (NLP) in cybersecurity.

The volume and complexity of cyberattacks is outpacing what human analysts can manage and the cybersecurity skills gap persists – with an estimated 65% shortage of skilled professionals, according to (ISC)². Cybersecurity teams are overburdened with threats and can’t keep up; they’re burning out and many businesses are struggling tokeep pace with the ever-changing landscape of security threats. augments the security analyst team with an AI-Assisted Cybersecurity solution that leverages the judgment of security experts. The platform provides scalable AI models that assist with SecOps processes through deep learning and NLP, without having to write a line of code. Designed for cybersecurity teams at enterprises, managed service providers (MSPs) and managed security service providers (MSSPs), the platform provides:

  • Scalable capacity to handle threats: leverages collective knowledge to create scalable AI models to assist decision-making.
  • Expert knowledge retention through AI: assimilates the institutional knowledge of cybersecurity teams along with organizational distinctiveness to create custom models without ever having to write a line of code.
  • Improvement of efficiency and acceleration through automation: automates and simplifies post-decision actions such as creating tickets, notifications or triggering SOAR playbooks.
  • Reduction of risk generated by alert fatigue and burnout: By streamlining alert handling, ensures incidents are escalated properly and scales analysts’ capacity to handle and address threats.

Petricia Ruta, CEO,, said: “Currently, only the top 1% of businesses can afford the infrastructure and number of people needed to keep their organizations safe, largely due to cybersecurity talent being spread too thin. brings decision intelligence to SecOps, by addressing decades of industry challenges around the human capacity to deal with the amount of security threats. We’re enhancing human ability with AI decision assistance by taking automation to the next level to protect businesses of all sizes.”

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