Akamai Audience Hijacking Protector defends online businesses against fraud

Akamai released Audience Hijacking Protector, a new solution designed for online businesses to maximize revenue opportunities and minimize marketing fraud in the buying journey.

Akamai Audience Hijacking Protector

Akamai also unveiled several new application security features designed to help organizations defend customers from threats across all online environments, including internet browsers, mobile applications, during API interactions and at the edge.

As the pace of online retail increases, security teams for online brands are facing a new widespread, customer-side phenomenon. Known as audience hijacking, retailers are grappling with a growing problem where unauthorized ads and pop ups lure shoppers away from online stores – disrupting customer experiences and leading to lost revenue.

“The key to stopping the spreading audience hijacking threat is gaining visibility into in-browser behaviors. With these deep insights, brands will have the power to take back control of the customer experience and, ultimately, increase conversion rates,” said Patrick Sullivan, CTO, Security Strategy, Akamai. “With Akamai’s Audience Hijacking Protector, customers benefit from Akamai’s global edge infrastructure for real-time hijacking detection, clear risk insights, and integrated mitigation to eliminate in-browser fraud and unlock potential revenue increases.”

Audience Hijacking Protector defends against unwanted redirection of customers to competing and malicious websites, reducing affiliate fraud and mitigating privacy risks. And as pop-up advertisements become commonplace, Akamai’s new solution helps businesses keep consumers on their site to ensure successful engagement and consistently frictionless online experiences that improve site visits, sales conversion rates and brand trust.

As part of announcement, Akamai also unveiled additional products and capabilities to help customers conduct business online with optimal protection. These include:

  • Page Integrity Manager enhancements: New features help secure against in-browser data exfiltration and other script-based attacks. Threat intelligence integration detects threats based on customer first- and third-party scripts and network calls against Akamai ETP intelligence to expose client-side threats. The second enhancement, customized protections and actions, provides a new alerting and policy layer that allows businesses to build custom detections, and set alerting and policies based on script behaviors.
  • API Data Loss Prevention: These new capabilities let businesses better secure personally identifiable information and other sensitive data. Businesses can discover where PII may be leaked or used by APIs and provides a powerful way to gain visibility and control of sensitive data to keep the organization and users safe.
  • App & API Protector Custom Rule Builder: Custom Rule Builder gives businesses more options in dealing with evolving threats, including the additions of sampling intervals, more match conditions, and enhanced user messaging. Akamai customers can be incredibly specific and granular in their rules to improve their protections even as the threat landscape shifts.
  • Managed alerting for Bot Manager: As bot attacks grow, Akamai has enhanced its Managed Security Service (MSS) alerting to ensure more proactive and actionable alerts are available to Akamai customers. The MSS offering provides organizations with the ability to respond to events in real time and use insights to continuously improve bot detection accuracy over time.
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