CyberLink FaceMe Platform allows users to monitor all databases and system services in one place

CyberLink announced the release of its facial recognition API platform for developers. The flexible FaceMe Platform ensures the integration of FaceMe’s facial recognition capabilities into any system, workflow or IoT solution.

CyberLink FaceMe Platform

The FaceMe Platform can be securely deployed on-premise using any web browser without being concerned about undesired external access. Failover handling and load balancing capabilities ensure a robust and cost-effective deployment, no matter the use case.

The FaceMe Platform includes a complete set of HTTP-based facial recognition APIs coupled with management and testing tools. Designed for deployment on servers, the system ensures high availability and performance with critical load balancing and failover capabilities. Its scalable architecture ensures an optimized deployment regardless of its size, for local or global footprints alike. Its web-based management console allows users to access, manage and monitor all databases and system services in one place, even when various AI models and algorithms are deployed together.

Rich facial recognition API toolset

The FaceMe Platform’s extensive facial recognition API set – including face template extraction, 1:1 face match (comparison), 1:N face search, video analytics, image quality check, and people grouping – addresses the facial recognition needs of any use case. The platform also incorporates tools for developers to quickly test or benchmark the installed APIs, all with little coding needed.

Scalable architecture

The platform’s architecture is fully scalable. As businesses grow and add workstations, the system automatically detects the new units’ computing power and re-balances workloads to maintain optimal performance. Deploying or replacing workstations in existing systems becomes a quick and painless process.

High availability and auto load-balancing design

The FaceMe Platform comes with built-in failover functions to ensure high availability. In case of workstation failure, the platform utilizes the power of other operating workstations and transfers the remaining tasks in the queue to those workstations. Additionally, FaceMe Platform’s load balancing function automatically assigns tasks to workstations based on their capacities and loading to limit workflow interruptions and save energy costs.

Complete management console and testing tools

The web-based central management console comes with the following facial recognition testing and monitoring capabilities:

  • Developer dashboard: The live dashboard provides current system status, alerts and logs.
  • Recognition records: View records for 1:1 face matches or 1:N face searches. Developers can call APIs and check records during the proof-of-concept and development stages.
  • Database management: With one facial template enrollment, people can be assigned to multiple groups, allowing full flexibility to precisely match users’ profiles to their permissions, behaviors and more. It is then easy to assign rules at the group level and conduct precise 1:N searches or camera captures.
  • Developer settings: Developers have access to a complete set of tools to manage API keys, SSL certificates, system webhooks and API testing.

“Our customers have expressed a desire to integrate FaceMe’s top-ranking facial recognition capabilities into their workflow, while keeping the option to develop their own solutions,” said Dr. Jau Huang, CEO of CyberLink. “The FaceMe Platform offers a perfect balance between an all-encompassing software development kit and end-to-end packaged solution, giving developers the freedom and flexibility to deploy facial recognition in the manner that best meets their needs.”

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