Cynerio collaborates with Securonix to protect healthcare organizations against security threats

Cynerio announced a new partnership with Securonix to provide hospitals and healthcare systems with an integration for advanced medical device security and visibility capabilities, with comprehensive, real-time risk analysis and actionable mitigation strategy.

Cynerio Securonix

The Cynerio integration with Securonix SIEM provides healthcare organizations with unparalleled insight and incident response capabilities across all medical devices regardless of connection point or network tier. Offering deep, real-time network and security visibility, the integration empowers healthcare organizations to better address ransomware and other threats targeting medical devices.

Additional capabilities offered by the integration include:

  • Deep insight with over 100 medical device properties pre-correlated and continually fed by Cynerio to Securonix for real-time insight plus long-term storage, trend analysis, visualization, and incident investigation
  • The ability to correlate high-value device context from Cynerio with other data sources in Securonix to better manage assets and more rapidly identify and prioritize anomalous behavior and events
  • Accelerated incident response and results reporting with policy-driven actions and workflows for full incident life-cycle management

“With ransomware attacks on hospitals more than doubling last year, hospitals and healthcare systems need to ensure they are both protected and prepared in the event of an attack,” said Leon Lerman, CEO, Cynerio. “We are thrilled to be joining together with Securonix to provide their customers with additional options to monitor and protect themselves and their patients from potential security threats.”

As healthcare suffers a relentless barrage of cyber-attacks, identifying at-risk devices and vulnerabilities, managing risk, and remediating threats has become progressively more difficult. Weak security and widespread use of devices running legacy firmware combined with medical and IoT devices’ inherent vulnerabilities, unique communications patterns, and traditional IT tools’ inability to recognize medical/IoMT devices have made healthcare facilities easy and lucrative targets for threat actors. The new integration between Cynerio and Securonix will enable healthcare organizations to fight back against these growing threats with enhanced network and security visibility capabilities.

“By correlating Cynerio and Securonix SIEM data, the solution offers SOC teams and administrators with high-value device information to gain a richer context of the IoMT network, better identify unexpected changes in the network and prioritize risks discovered with mitigation strategies. With this heightened awareness, analysts can quickly and confidently acknowledge new assets, communication patterns and protocols on the network, making asset inventory and remediation processes more efficient,” said Sam Davis VP of Technology Alliances at Securonix.

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