CACI DarkBlue Intelligence now has access to cryptocurrency data

CACI International has enhanced the company’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) analytics suite, DarkBlue Intelligence, with broader access to the cryptocurrency economy in partnership with several leading crypto analytics firms. The DarkBlue Intelligence Suite was developed by Bluestone Analytics, which was acquired by CACI last year.

The DarkBlue Intelligence Suite is an unclassified, secure, cloud-based SaaS data and analytics technology developed by the analyst, for the analyst to assist customer’s leveraging the Deep Web, the Dark Web, and select open-source intelligence (OSINT) platforms.

By the analyst, for the analyst

With the rising usage of cryptocurrencies, analysts must have the ability to investigate and analyze these types of transactions. The DarkBlue Intelligence Suite addresses these challenges and more. Defense, law enforcement, and intelligence customers can leverage CACI’s technology to trace the flow of cryptocurrency funds to help them identify, target, and track threat actors and cybercriminals who rely on the Dark Web and cryptocurrency to obfuscate their identities and openly conduct illicit transactions.

Meisha Lutsey, President of Operations Support and Services, said, “CACI provides innovative technology to provide actionable intelligence to meet customers’ new and evolving mission needs. Our partnerships with leading crypto analytics firms provide analysts with insight into cryptocurrency usage within the ungoverned, anonymous spaces of the internet. With the rising usage of cryptocurrencies, our intelligence tools must have the ability to investigate and analyze these types of transactions as well.”

The added layer of cryptocurrency data paired with the DarkBlue Intelligence Suite enables qualified analysts to securely research target groups, identify critical information nodes, and attribute the cryptocurrency exchange. Our partnerships further improve the ways in which mission-critical data is collected, structured, and prioritized through a broader analysis ecosystem.

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