Computer Services to resell FINBOA dispute management software

FINBOA announces a strategic partnership with Computer Services (CSI) to resell FINBOA’s payment dispute management software to CSI’s core technology customers. This alliance will expand FINBOA’s marketshare, and provide CSI with a portfolio of integrated solutions designed to help banks streamline and simplify dispute processing as electronic payment use by consumers continues to skyrocket.

FINBOA services over 100 banks and credit unions nationwide with assets sizes up to $25 billion. FINBOA CEO, Raj Singal commented, “We are excited to welcome CSI as a strategic partner and reseller. This partnership will accelerate community bank access to FINBOA’s solutions, helping them improve operational efficiency, stay compliant with regulations using process automation and provide an excellent customer experience. Institutions that are investing in automation now will reap the rewards of being able to grow and scale their business more effectively as they move forward.”

Quick to implement and easy to use, FINBOA software automates the inefficient manual processes commonly used to manage Reg E and other payment disputes. With pre-built workflows and Core systems integration, FINBOA quickly transforms back-office processing and the customer experience using RPA to increase staff efficiency and accuracy, while reducing compliance costs and risk. FINBOA’s pre-built integration with CSI eliminates the heavy lifting typically required of internal IT resources for implementation.

FINBOA users experience real results. FINBOA’s Reg E Dispute Management solution reduces claim-related losses up to 25%, chargebacks by up to 40%, and customer branch visits by 90%, all with an average implementation timeline of 30 days.

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