Enpass Business allows organizations to choose where they store their data

Enpass released a new solution, Enpass Business, built for enterprises who want to maintain complete control of their password data.

Enpass Business

Enpass Business offers a strong value proposition as it eliminates the burden and overhead associated with on-premises server installation and ongoing monitoring and management.

Supporting Microsoft 365 integration, Enpass Business also allows businesses to leverage their existing cloud storage of OneDrive/SharePoint for storing their sensitive data.

Most password management solutions on the market today store data outside of an organization’s IT infrastructure, most commonly in the service provider’s cloud. This poses a compliance problem for many businesses who have mandates in place preventing them from storing data outside their IT infrastructure, or are concerned about the data security issues associated with storing sensitive data outside their zone of safety.

With Enpass Business, all passwords remain within the trusted boundaries of the organization’s local IT systems. Enterprises have the option to store data on employee devices, or use their existing cloud storage, enabling them to maintain control over their data without the need to host additional servers.

“We have had great success with our B2C solution that creates strong and unique passwords, provides secure and convenient storage and automatic website login. In fact, many businesses were onboarding our consumer-centric solution because of its offline capability,” said Hemant Kumar, CEO and Co-Founder of Enpass. “Notably, there are major corporations out there who have spent millions securing their businesses, yet still don’t use a password manager because they don’t want their data to be stored in the service provider’s cloud. We developed Enpass Business to respond to this market need and provide enterprise-level password management across all platforms, with security top of mind.”

Enpass Business maintains compliance while reducing security risk, as passwords, credentials and other information never leave the organization. The Enpass Business feature set includes:

  • Local storage: Stores data locally on the devices with an option to use existing storage i.e., Microsoft OneDrive/SharePoint
  • Serverless: No self-hosting of server is required to share vaults and manage access permissions
  • Policy enforcement: Allows businesses to define and force their password policies and rules
  • Employee provisioning: Automatically provision and offboard users from Azure Active Directory via SCIM
  • Vault sharing: Share vaults between team members using Microsoft 365 Business (OneDrive or SharePoint)
  • Breach monitoring: Notifies user if any saved website, portal or application is breached
  • Password audit: Checks for non-compliant, weak, compromised duplicate and old passwords
  • Password generation and autofill: Generates and autofills strong passwords
  • Platforms: Supports all major platforms and browsers

“With Enpass, none of the user data ever reaches our servers; we never have access to it. All the data is 100% encrypted with 256-bit AES and stored either locally on employee devices, or in the organization’s business cloud,” said Kumar. “The concept of leveraging Microsoft 365 to provide all the capabilities of vault sharing and access rights management is unique and we are very excited to be bringing this one-of-a-kind solution to the market.”

Enpass Business, along with the consumer version of Enpass are both available and sold via subscription directly through the website.

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