WALLIX PAM4ALL offers protection for user access and workstations

To meet the evolving cyber security challenges that face organisations in today’s digital world, WALLIX has launched its vision PAM for all.

To make this a reality for organisations, WALLIX is bringing together all of its technologies to offer customers a unified solution called WALLIX PAM4ALL, to secure all user access – human or machine – in an organisation, according to the principle of least privilege.

WALLIX PAM4All is a unified solution which also goes beyond securing privileged accounts, offering protection for user access and workstations according to the principle of least privilege , to best protect enterprises from being infected by malware or ransomware. WALLIX PAM4ALL also provides full visibility over all users – from employees, suppliers, partners, or machines – and their network, observing all endpoints, sessions, and strategic assets.

The solution combines WALLIX’s current technologies into one single solution, which includes Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Remote Access Management, Session Management, Password Management, and Least Privilege Management. The solutions are still available customers on an individual basis, but by opting for the complete package, customers will be able to enhance security across their infrastructure and meet compliance requirements.

Having access to all five technologies allow enterprises to neutralize all security risks associated with compromised credentials, and enables remote access for employees, suppliers, partners, humans, or machine. Organisations can also monitor, track and audit sessions, secure and rotate keys and passwords, remove hard passwords, and to grant access rights to the right user, at the right time. Using Least Privilege Management technology, WALLIX PAM4ALL blocks lateral and vertical movement in enterprise networks, minimising the risk of malware and ransomware infection.

The main challenges facing enterprises today is providing correct user access at the right time and at the right privilege level, to allow employees to perform tasks at any location, working in the office or remotely. The unified WALLIX PAM4ALL offering has been created to help enterprises solve the challenge of user access and enables organisations to implement Zero-Trust architecture with ease.

“WALLIX’s new unified solution PAM4ALL is the promise of a secure digital transformation available to all organisations experiencing a rapidly changing digital landscape,” explains Edwige Brossard, Product & Marketing Director at WALLIX. “By combining all WALLIX technologies together, we are offering an enhanced approach to security. Enterprises can quickly implement a Zero-Trust architecture, thanks to strong user authentication, access control adapted to each user – either human or machine -at the right time, and to integrate traceability in the IS. The solution also provides a dynamic view of all activity on enterprise networks, providing best protection from advanced threats, particularly emerging malware types.”

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