Kroll and Armis join forces to strengthen cyber resilience for critical systems

Kroll announced its partnership with Armis, to expand Kroll’s cyber preparedness and response services for operational technology (OT) and industrial control systems (ICS) to secure clients far beyond the traditional endpoint.

Armis is a leader in unified asset visibility and security and has a knowledge base of over two billion connected devices, notably in the health care industry. Its asset discovery, network configuration and traffic flow capabilities give Kroll incident responders visibility into ICS and OT environments, which are continually secured through a managed detection and response (MDR) solution, Kroll Responder.

The partnership will bring together Kroll’s experience of responding to more than 3,200 incidents every year and Armis’ technical visibility and expertise, to drive threat intelligence, detection and response capabilities. Through the partnership, Kroll is able to minimize the risk exposure of OT and ICS environments for clients, make informed recommendations to improve resilience and respond in the event of suspicious activity.

David Creed, Vice President, Worldwide Service Providers at Armis, said: “By leveraging Armis’ industry-leading platform, this partnership will help both Kroll and Armis clients stay better protected against cyber risks. Together, Armis and Kroll are uniquely positioned with their capabilities and offerings to serve organizations across industries, providing enhanced preparedness, response and unmatched visibility.”

Marc Brawner, Managing Director and Global Head of Managed Services for Cyber Risk at Kroll, said: “Identifying and protecting difficult-to-manage OT and IoT devices is an increasingly critical aspect of a modern cyber security program. The proliferation of these devices and related vulnerabilities is opening new avenues of attack by threat actors. By bringing together our extensive experience in responding to thousands of incidents every year with the Armis platform, together we can significantly reduce these risks. We look forward to working with Armis to further strengthen our client’s cyber resiliency.”

In 2021, Kroll expanded its MDR capabilities with the acquisition of Redscan. Armis further boosts Kroll’s MDR solution by integrating Armis’ agentless architecture to secure clients’ environments far beyond the traditional endpoint.

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