David Rushmer joins Blackpoint Cyber as Director of Threat Research

Blackpoint Cyber welcomed to their team David Rushmer as Director of Threat Research.

“We are exceptionally fortunate to have David lead our threat research team as well as our new Adversary Pursuit Group (APG). As cyber tradecraft continues to change and accelerate, our partners can rest easy knowing that the Blackpoint team is unrelenting in our push to innovate and stay ahead of our adversaries,” said Jon Murchison, CEO & Founder of Blackpoint Cyber. “Please join us as we welcome David to our ranks and continue to work closely with the community to keep winning against cyberthreats.”

Prior to joining Blackpoint, Rushmer started his career in developing and operating large scale analytical platforms aimed at providing cyber defense. Over the following decade, that focus shifted to defensive research and operations, most notably at Cylance and Blackberry, although he expressed his enjoyment exploring both sides of the industry. What is consistent though is his passion for being hands-on with new and emerging technologies.

“When you start talking to people who are passionate about what they do, and it aligns with your own interests, you can’t help but to get excited,” Rushmer shared when asked about joining Blackpoint Cyber. “The more I spoke to the team at Blackpoint, the more I realized that this is a group of people who take pride in what they do, and it made me want to be a part of it. While I am impressed with the products and services they offer, I am even more impressed with the drive for innovation shown by their leaders.”

Rushmer brings with him a wealth of expertise in threat research within the cybersecurity industry. As Director of Threat Research for Blackpoint Cyber, he will be working on building strategic plans to provide threat intelligence, analyze emerging attack vectors, and support the continued development of Blackpoint’s proprietary cyber ecosystem of security products.

In this role, Rushmer will work closely with the company’s Engineering, Product, and 24/7 SOC teams to deliver comprehensive threat reports, communicate new adversarial tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs), and develop an engaging way to help partners understand the frequent changes in the threat landscape.

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