releases Jira backup to bring data protection in the event of any failure or human error, a data backup, and recovery software vendor for DevOps ecosystems (GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab) now officially supports Jira Cloud, a widely-used Atlassian issue tracking and project management tool for software development teams. It aims to bring data protection and recoverability in case of any event of failure, service outage, or human error.

Jira backup in terms of outages, cyber threats, and shared responsibility

While businesses of all kinds are increasingly defined by their software, protecting such projects is synonymous with protecting the company itself. Now we can precisely imagine what the outage can cause if we remember the recent Atlassian outage. Let’s look at the figures – over 400 users lost their connection due to a Jira outage for more than two weeks. is to solve this problem and provide software development teams with the ability to quickly restore data from Jira Cloud, uninterruptedly manage projects and continue operations in the event of any failure, outage, human error, natural disaster, or ransomware attack on Atlassian infrastructure.

Atlassian, just like most cloud service providers operate due so-called “shared responsibility model” and provide some security and recoverability measures but data protection is not the core business goal and matter. That is why according to the shared responsibility model cloud service provider is responsible for infrastructure security, accessibility and recoverability while users are obligated to protect and backup their data. Moreover, Atlassian even recommends having backup and recovery software in place.

This automated backup software aims to replace internally written scripts, that are usually insufficient, as well as time- and work-consuming. Thus for GitLab brings automated data protection and the central management console that reduces administrative overhead and allows IT managers to focus on what’s most important – development and generating growth while staying compliant.

Are you doubting whether to backup your Jira data or not?

It isn’t hard to imagine the despair of the company and the IT development team who has been working on the project for months and suddenly loses access to all the projects, tasks, issues, roles, users, comments, and more. Who could ever believe it? But it happened.

The recent Jira outage in April has shown that everything is possible even with such a reliable provider as Atlassian. When the trouble happened nobody could believe that all that catastrophe would last for more than two weeks, leaving some of the companies helpless.

Moreover, it was hard to accept that the core of the problem was just misunderstanding and miscommunication between technical teams. So say, human mistakes – both unintentional and malicious behaviors can put the work of the whole team at risk.

The mission behind is to support DevOps and include backup as an inherent part of the pipeline so that no development team ever loses a single line of source code and projects.

The vendor paraphrases the well-known words in the industry that there are two types of people: those who do source code backups and those who will (once they experience a data breach or cyber-attack). – the next-gen Jira backup is the professional, fully manageable GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, and now also Jira Cloud backup and Disaster Recovery software for any responsible and code-oriented business. The software ensures customers with automatic, and recurring customized backups, unlimited retention, a flexible scheduler, a data-driven central management console, easy monitoring, and most of all disaster recovery features.

It’s compatible with nearly any storage (cloud and local, including all AWS S3 compatible clouds) so there is no need to invest in an additional IT infrastructure – users can bring their own storage or use free cloud storage included. is a project of Xopero Software, a company with over 13 years of backup experience and established partnerships with such companies as ESET, T-Mobile, and Orange.

“Considering Intellectual Property value and Atlassian’s emphasis on adequate data protection, we foresee that Jira backup, in the footsteps of Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, or Salesforce, will become another, key data protection field considered as a part of every development process,” said Lukasz Jesis, Founder and CEO of Xopero Software and

Jira Cloud backup from is in the alpha release now so the company addresses all 65K companies around the world who rely on Jira to have a possibility to try Jira Backup for free and help the company to develop this project according to their needs.

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