Keytos EZMonitor prevents breaches and SSL related outages

Keytos launched EZMonitor, a security monitoring system that uses intelligence to help organizations gain full visibility into their X509 certificate health preventing costly SSL related outages, as well as detecting phishing and man in the middle attacks.

During the first month of beta testing, EZMonitor detected more than 30,000 subdomains vulnerable to takeover, helping organizations prevent thousands of attacks.

Keytos is a security Company specializing in cryptographic solutions that enable companies to go passworldless and save on IT spend and labor to reallocate for other high-value initiatives.

EZMonitor fits into the Keytos family of products by empowering enterprises with an SSL health dashboard that delivers full visibility to monitor SSL health easily and effectively across their hybrid and multi-cloud deployments.

“We are excited to announce the availability of our EZMonitor solution. This will enable organizations across the world to monitor their private networks as well as Certificate Transparency logs complying with the US Department of Homeland Security emergency directive for Federal agencies to monitor certificate transparency logs to detect any DNS hijacking.” Igal Flegmann, Co-Founder & CEO, Keytos.

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