Tromzo Security Guardrails improves security posture for developers

Tromzo announced the expansion of the product to provide pre-built, contextual, and real-time security policies and controls in CI/CD through security guardrails.

The adoption of cloud-native applications and infrastructure has propelled DevOps and a self-service culture where developers go from code-to-cloud in a matter of hours. Meanwhile legacy AppSec systems and processes have impeded security teams from being able to scale at the speed of DevOps with very little visibility or control over security risks. In this agile world, security teams are completely unprepared to govern and secure the modern SDLC.

“We built a proactive security culture as the foundation to our AppSec program, where our engineers and security team can tackle unique challenges as they build software,” said Caleb Sima, chief security officer, Robinhood. “We found the best way to influence this shift was to educate our engineers on their current security posture through implementing adoptable security guardrails.”

Tromzo Security Guardrails represents the ultimate security shift-left by enabling developers to go from code-to-cloud, securely. With out-of-the-box security policies and controls built on the foundation of enriched software asset context, and at the speed of DevOps, organizations can now influence developer behavior and build security across the SDLC.

Tromzo customers can leverage out-of-the-box Security Guardrails to solve these challenges:

  • Secure defaults – Incentivize developers in CI/CD to use secure defaults in code, cloud configuration and continuous integration pipelines.
  • Vulnerability management – Ensure code is being tested by the right scanners (e.g. SAST, SCA) and important issues are resolved in a timely manner before being pushed into production.
  • Code & artifact ownership – Associate proper owners to codebases and software artifacts ensuring applications are not pushed into production without proper ownership.
  • Code change reviews – Require reviewers before merging code or automate exception workflows for code review violations.
  • and more…

“Thus far, engineering and security teams have grappled with the complications of implementing security in DevOps, which has led to a lack of security visibility, insufficient security checks in developer workflows, and inability to scale security,” said Harshil Parikh, co-founder and chief executive officer, Tromzo. “We are excited to bring to market the only unified platform that integrates seamlessly into developer workflows to influence developer behavior and build security across the SDLC.”

Tromzo influences developer behavior and builds security across the modern SDLC unlike any other solution in the market with the only AppSec management platform to provide:

  • Security guardrails – Tromzo provides pre-built and customizable security policies, defined by security teams and applied within developer workflows. Enabling developers to go from code-to-cloud, securely.
  • Centralized visibility – Tromzo aggregates all software assets in one easily digestible UI, associates true ownership, and prioritizes repositories/containers based on risk. This empowers AppSec teams with the foundational context needed to truly improve security risk posture.
  • Workflow automation – Tromzo enables organizations to scale AppSec at the speed of DevOps. With no-code security automation for prioritized escalation and remediation, developers can focus on what truly matters.
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