Fusion Risk Management strengthens its offerings for technology and data service providers

Fusion Risk Management announced that it is further strengthening its offerings to help technology and data service providers bolster the resiliency of digital elements of critical value chains.

As a trusted risk and resiliency technology and services provider to globally and domestically significant financial institutions, Fusion recognizes the critical role of technology and data service providers in ensuring the safety and soundness of the global financial and economic ecosystem.

New research released in April by OCEG (Open Compliance & Ethics Group) and sponsored by Fusion reveals that nearly 65 percent of firms are implementing measures to increase operational resilience in 2022. When asked what they consider to be their most immediate priorities, nearly three-quarters cited identifying important business services that are most relied upon by customers and markets, and 61 percent reported addressing the lack of visibility into the impact of disruption on their customers and the market.

Fusion now makes it easier for technology and data service providers to deliver exceptional customer experiences at scale by helping them understand their role in delivering key products and services, identifying issues before they escalate, prioritizing response, and reducing the impact of disruption on their customers and the broader ecosystem.

Fusion’s capabilities for technology and data service providers include:

  • Operational risk sensing and prioritization of response according to customer and business needs
  • Service health monitoring and management tools that help teams respond with agility in an increasingly dynamic operating environment
  • Smart runbooks and automation that engage the right individuals with the right information at the right time, automating away manual tasks
  • Regulatory and standards intelligence that helps organizations move at the pace of change
  • Operational insights and recommendations to make smarter decisions faster

“Technology and data service providers play a vital role in the daily operations of financial institutions and insurance companies, and they now face heightened scrutiny from regulators that recognize operational resilience is paramount for the industry,” said Michael Campbell, CEO of Fusion. “As digital transformation initiatives continue to grow and companies increase their reliance on large cloud providers, regulators have taken notice. Fusion is proud to work with technology and data service providers to help fortify our clients’ infrastructure from a systems perspective, meet customized customer requirements, and help build a more resilient world to protect us all.”

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