Skyflow releases MuleSoft Certified Connector to help customers protect sensitive data

Skyflow launched a new MuleSoft Certified Connector and joined the MuleSoft Technology Partner Program. Now, MuleSoft customers can leverage Skyflow’s Data Privacy Vault to protect and store sensitive information flowing through the MuleSoft gateway.

Delivered as a developer-friendly API, Skyflow enables companies to build apps with the highest levels of data privacy, security, and compliance. Customers can use Skyflow’s Governance Engine to build and enforce fine-grained, event-driven, and condition-based policies to govern access to Skyflow’s Data Privacy Vault.

The use of multiple encryption and tokenization techniques allows teams to run workflows, logic and analytics on fully encrypted data. This unique approach to data security that Skyflow has pioneered ensures optimal security, fast performance, and high levels of usability.

At the same time, Skyflow makes it easy for customers to achieve compliance with HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, CCPA, SOC2, and others. PII, PCI, and PHI are stored in globally distributed, zero-trust vaults—and can be stored in a specific geolocation—to help teams meet various data residency requirements like GDPR, DCIA, LGPD, PDPA. Skyflow’s global architecture supports a growing list of over 10 regions including the US, Canada, EU, UK, and the Middle East.

The MuleSoft Certified Connector for Skyflow is accessible today in Anypoint Exchange. This means any customer currently using MuleSoft can easily connect with Skyflow to protect sensitive information.

“Protecting and securing sensitive data is table stakes for companies today,” says Anshu Sharma, CEO of Skyflow. “We built Skyflow to be a comprehensive data privacy solution that’s easy to implement. That’s why we deliver it as an API, and why it was so important that we integrate with MuleSoft’s Anypoint Exchange, which many companies already depend on. Now, any MuleSoft customer can easily use Skyflow to tackle their security, compliance, data privacy, and governance needs.”

“At Science 37, we take a patient-centered approach to clinical research and that extends to how we approach data privacy,” says Chris Ceppi, Chief Technology Officer at Science 37. “We were already leveraging MuleSoft, and with this integration we can easily add Skyflow to our tech stack to automatically isolate, tokenize, and secure sensitive patient information.”

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