ThreatX Xcellerate Partner Program enables real-time protection against attacks on APIs and web apps

ThreatX launched the global Xcellerate Partner Program. This program will support ThreatX and partner growth in North American and international markets and serve both existing and new value-added resellers (VARs), distributors and managed service providers.

The Xcellerate program empowers partners to deliver the only platform that enables real-time protection against attacks on APIs and web applications, coupled with complete managed services. Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning-based technology, ThreatX immediately detects suspicious activity, builds attacker profiles over time, and applies these insights to block even the most complex attacks.

“As the threat landscape grows more complex, our customers are clearly seeking the ability to protect APIs and web apps against sophisticated, multi-mode attacks,” said Beth Kohler, senior director of product management at Lumen. “Through our partnership with ThreatX, we have proven the ability to deliver these capabilities to our global customers at scale. We’re thrilled with the results we’ve achieved to date and look forward to continuing our collective growth.”

“As the API attack surface continues to widen, API protection and the ability to stop attacks in real time has become a clear priority for our customers,” said John B. Menezes, president and CEO at Stratejm. “The ThreatX partner program is providing my team the technology, managed services and support we need to better serve our customers and build our own API security business. We’re excited for the successes we’ve already achieved together and look forward to greater success in the months and years ahead.”

The Xcellerate program will create opportunities for ThreatX partners to drive revenue in the expanding API protection market. By offering complete managed services, partners will enable customers to protect their API attack surface without additional staffing. Benefits of the Xcellerate Partner Program include:

  • Deal registration and qualified lead delivery
  • Sales and technical enablement with certifications
  • Tiered program levels with corresponding discounts
  • Co-marketing programs and funds
  • Streamlined procurement with the ThreatX platform and managed services under one SKU

ThreatX’s integrated platform, allows partners to deliver capabilities that satisfy API protection or web app security use case, or both, while protecting against complex attacks, including botnets and DDoS. For MSSPs, ThreatX’s cloud native, multi-tenant architecture makes it easy to deliver API protection to multiple customers.

“There has been an increasing demand for robust API protection across every region, and providing these capabilities is at the core of what we do,” said Billy Toomey, VP of Sales, ThreatX. “With the Xcellerate program, our partners can leverage our solution to deliver the very best technology and managed services to their customers faster than ever before.”

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