HYAS Confront uncovers anomalies hiding in the production network

HYAS Infosec, which provides proactive solutions that keep business moving full forward in our ever-changing world, launched its newest product — HYAS Confront.

As companies continue to digitally innovate, the production network (often the product or infrastructure behind a business’s outward-facing, revenue-driving product) has become the most vital factor for keeping income flowing. And yet, as these production networks rely more heavily on data centers, the cloud, or multi-cloud, their critical security visibility has actually been diminished. Security controls are often put in place and then left unmonitored, allowing blind spots to emerge that may be exploited by bad actors or enable third-party risks to take hold.

HYAS Confront continuously monitors traffic to uncover anomalies and enhance risk mitigation, allowing our customers to confront these problems head on. The robust new solution grants production network operators visibility into all corners of their infrastructure, removing the blind spots where bad actors can infiltrate and dwell, which provide them with the time and space they need to do damage if left ignored. This gives operators the means to detect and mitigate issues before bad actors have the ability to leverage these potential exploits — all without affecting availability, performance, or latency.

HYAS Confront provides details of all internal machine-to-machine communication as well as the communications leaving the network. Initial anomalies and potential security control violations are then raised. Once they are remedied, a clean baseline can be set in place. HYAS Confront then utilizes advanced threat assessment and machine learning to continuously monitor for anomalies and uncharacteristic activity that break from this preestablished, clean pattern.

Once a new anomaly is detected, operators are alerted and can investigate further if warranted. Even if the event is not malicious, it could indicate a misconfiguration or other network health issue that can be fixed to improve overall network posture, hygiene, and resiliency.

“Looking at the recent growth in the scope of cybercrime, it’s clear that our current approach to security is simply not working,” said HYAS CEO David Ratner. “HYAS Confront is a powerful, innovative new solution to a problem that no one else has been able to crack.”

Once passively deployed, HYAS Confront provides continuous, proactive monitoring for issues. If an anomaly is detected, clients can take appropriate action, like making changes to their configurations or policies to better mitigate threats or risks.

“Security is a byproduct of visibility, and you have to know who your network is talking to in order for it to be truly secure,” said Ratner. “This is why HYAS Confront is a game changer for the industry — enterprises finally have a source of reliable, unobscured visibility into their production networks.”

HYAS Confront Benefits include:

  • Complements existing security components: integrates into existing security stack, adding DNS protection and visibility without requiring changes to infrastructure
  • Improve network hygiene: analyzing production network communication can indicate misconfigurations or other irregularities, prompting implementation of better controls.
  • Instant implementation: deploys within minutes and scales to traffic requirements
  • Real-time domain insight: minimizes false positives and negatives, letting you focus on business rather than security
  • Noninvasive: passively gathers data in real time without impacting service availability, latency or performance
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