Bitwarden integrates with three email forwarding services to add another layer of security for users

Bitwarden announced integration with three popular email forwarding services: SimpleLogin, AnonAddy, and Firefox Relay.

This integration allows for the creation of email aliases with those services when generating usernames in the recently updated Bitwarden Generator. Now adding another layer of security and privacy is easier than ever.

Email aliases provide even more security and privacy

When creating a login, a user can now easily obfuscate their primary email address with an alias, keeping their real information private while still receiving messages in one inbox. SimpleLogin, AnonAddy, and Firefox Relay allow for users to have multiple aliases, enabling a different email address to be used for every login for added security and privacy.

“Most people have one primary email address that becomes their internet identity,” says SimpleLogin Founder and CEO Son Nguyen Kim. “Using Bitwarden to create email aliases with SimpleLogin on the fly adds a line of privacy defense to online accounts. Saving them as a part of stored logins combines privacy and security in a convenient solution.”

“An email alias service like AnonAddy helps protect users’ privacy online, which makes us highly complementary to a password management service like Bitwarden,” said Will Browning, founder and CEO of AnonAddy. “Both companies share a commitment to the increased transparency that comes with open source technologies and we’re excited to integrate with Bitwarden to bring users yet another way to protect themselves online.”

“Peoples’ privacy is fundamental no matter where they are or what apps they use – whether it’s saving passwords in Firefox or using other password managers,” said Luke Crouch, Security Engineer at Firefox Relay. “Hackers and trackers abuse email addresses and passwords to break into accounts and link personal information. Combining Firefox Relay and Bitwarden to hide your real email address AND create strong unique passwords greatly lowers the risk of account take-overs or data aggregation.”

Create unique email aliases with the Bitwarden Generator

When using Bitwarden to generate a new username, the option to create an email alias is presented, with a subselection for choosing SimpleLogin, AnonAddy, or Firefox Relay. The user enters the API key for their individual account with the chosen service, selects the desired options and, upon generation, a new alias registers to their alias service account. The selection and API key is saved for future use.

Using unique usernames, email addresses, and passwords for every account is a powerful method for increasing internet security and privacy and adds protection to logins in the face of data breaches and leaks.

The username generator is available within the Bitwarden desktop application, browser extensions, and Bitwarden web vault. Mobile application support is planned in a future release.

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