CybelAngel adds contextualized inventory technology within its ADM solution

CybelAngel announced the addition of contextualized inventory technology to its scanning capabilities within its Asset Discovery and Monitoring (ADM) solution to better illuminate external attack surfaces and expose unknown vulnerabilities attributed to an organization.

CybelAngel’s unprecedented ADM solution now enables organizations to know the origin and attribution of uncovered assets and prioritize action based on business risk. As a key differentiator in the market, the CybelAngel ADM solution also provides actionable incident reports with zero false positives, as all exposures are closely scrutinized by highly-experienced cybersecurity analysts for business risk severity – with alerts on only the most relevant.

CybelAngel, named “Best of Breed” in a recent Gartner report entitled, Competitive Landscape: Digital Risk Protection, is releasing the enhanced contextualized inventory technology at a time when exploitation of exposed assets is on the rise, and External Attack Surface Management (EASM) is increasing as a critical priority for security professionals and business leaders alike. The movement toward distributed workforces, shifting digital ecosystems, complex supply chains, and digital transformation, have led to a rise in Shadow IT, ransomware, cyber attacks, and breaches, with most entering through unknown digital assets.

“We are committed to providing our customers with EASM solutions that offer the most clarity, urgency, and notification accuracy available on the market,” said CEO Erwan Keraudy. “This is key to supporting security leaders in prioritization of external attack surface risk, allowing remediation to be based on operational criticality and business objectives.”

“With expanding and remote work surfaces it is crucial for all types of business to gain back visibility of all external-facing assets, prioritize remediation efforts, and quickly address vulnerabilities,” said Todd Carroll, CISO at CybelAngel. “No other solution on the market today can provide the comprehensive discovery and immediate visibility of unknown, at-risk assets as well as CybelAngel.”

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