Cynet Automated Response Playbooks empowers security teams to reduce their alert investigation

Cynet launched Cynet Automated Response Playbooks. These playbooks automatically investigate and remediate security alerts as part of Cynet’s 360 AutoXDR platform at no additional cost.

Cynet Automated Response Playbooks

This is the industry’s first XDR platform to include these capabilities without a hefty premium. This cost-effective approach is designed to help organizations maintain superior levels of security and relieve the pressure on overwhelmed security teams that must investigate an ongoing torrent of alerts, and then remediate discovered threats.

Relief for small and stressed-out security teams that are battling alert overload

Cynet’s Automated Response Playbooks automate manual tasks and workflows, empowering security teams to reduce their alert investigation and response times by 90%. In addition to freeing up valuable time for security teams, the playbooks provide a defined, consistent response process for more accurate security decisions and ensure that all alerts are properly addressed. Security teams can also take advantage of an intuitive drag-and-drop playbook builder to quickly and easily build custom playbooks for their organization.

“Most companies, especially those with smaller security teams, are overwhelmed with security alerts. Even though every significant alert should be fully investigated, the reality is that many security analysts don’t have the time or skills to do this. The unfortunate result is that these burned-out analysts tend to ignore some alerts,” said Eyal Gruner, CEO and Co-Founder, Cynet.

Helping organizations put security on autopilot

“With the launch of our Automated Response Playbooks, we ensure that all security alerts are immediately addressed when security teams are not able to manually do so. This relieves the burden on security analysts and reduces the critical risks posed by uninvestigated security threats,” added Gruner. “This improves security teams’ efficiency and drastically decreases response time. These playbooks bring us another step closer to realizing our vision – to enable organizations to put their security on autopilot.”

Visit us at RSAC 2022

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