HackNotice raises $7 million to help companies fight against cyber threats

HackNotice announced the completion of a $7 million Series A funding round to expand the business and help companies fight against cyber threats.

The funding round is led by Strategic Cyber Ventures, a venture capital investment firm focused on funding businesses that profoundly impact cybersecurity, privacy, and resiliency with a partnership from Lytical Ventures, a venture firm focused on investing in corporate intelligence.

“HackNotice believes that threat awareness is the future of employee-based cybersecurity,” said Steve Thomas, Co-Founder, and CEO of HackNotice. HackNotice provides companies with a best-in-class threat awareness platform, filling in the employee security and threat awareness gap,” said Steve Thomas.

HackNotice’s business customers have noted an increase in employees practicing safer online habits and voluntarily seeking out security training. The powerful analytics and reporting tool in HackNotice gives security teams visibility into their risk on a per employee/department basis.

“Traditional security training and awareness is an established industry with questionable ROI. HackNotice democratizes threat intelligence about employees by providing that data straight to the employee themselves. This leads to better alignment of incentives between employee and employer and is the start of a new market: Threat Awareness,” said Chris Ahern, Principal, Strategic Cyber Ventures.

“Lytical is excited to be partnering with such an innovative and disruptive company like HackNotice,” said Lucas Nelson, Managing Partner at Lytical Ventures. “Phishing prevention has been a check the box exercise that has been giving everyone a false sense of security while annoying employees. Now with HackNotice, businesses can remain compliant while their employees get actionable insights about their stolen data,” he added.

Since closing the funding round, HackNotice has been building a team to help onboard and distribute the threat awareness platform.

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