QuSecure partners with DataBridge Sites to help organizations protect against quantum attacks

QuSecure announced a partnership with DataBridge Sites to showcase its Quantum-as-a-Service (QaaS) orchestration platform QuProtect.

QuProtect is the end-to-end post-quantum cybersecurity software-based solution uniquely designed to protect encrypted communications and data with quantum-resilience using quantum secure channels.

As a result of the partnership, QuProtect is the first and only PQC solution available live as a service in a data center environment. By providing an accessible and demonstrable instance of advanced PQC at datacenters like DataBridge, business, IT and cyber leaders can easily learn more about a successful PQC deployment. According to Shor’s algorithm, all current global encryption will eventually be defeated by a quantum computer with sufficient power. As a result, all commercial and government entities must upgrade to quantum-resistant technology to protect data and communications.

Additionally, data stolen today is at risk of being decrypted in the future by a quantum computer, so it is important for large organizations to start the strategic and information gathering phases of migrating their cybersecurity to ensure quantum resilience. The QuSecure/Databridge partnership provides a mechanism to showcase quantum resilience.

“Our team is very excited to now be home to the QuSecure environment, which is the first PQC software that is currently live in a data center,” said Mike Lozupone, DataBridge Sites director of business development. “Our company sees the quantum computing industry as a rapid growth area that can be used widespread through the commercial and federal marketplace. QuSecure’s unique offering will add to our ecosystem of service providers for clients to utilize.”

With this partnership, QuSecure not only has a demonstrable showcase for QuProtect, but this is also the first step in providing a production-level environment in a datacenter for both commercial and government entities. QuProtect’s deployment at DataBridge now enables organizations to start testing and becoming familiar with PQC while getting ready for federal compliance.

“DataBridge is a world-class organization, and we are pleased to partner with them to provide the first instance of post-quantum cybersecurity available in a data center,” said Skip Sanzeri, QuSecure Founder and COO. “The quantum threat, or Q-Day, is coming at us rapidly, and in May the White House published two initiatives to actively build U.S. quantum computing and post-quantum cybersecurity programs. Our partnership with DataBridge is another big step along the way to National Security in line with the White House memos.”

QuProtect provides quantum-resilient cryptography, anytime, anywhere and on any device. QuProtect uses an end-to-end, quantum-security-as-a-service (QSaaS) architecture that addresses the digital ecosystem’s most vulnerable aspects, uniquely combining zero-trust, next-generation post-quantum cryptography, quantum-strength keys, high availability, easy deployment, and active defense into a comprehensive and interoperable cybersecurity suite. The end-to-end approach is designed around the entire data lifecycle as data is stored, communicated, and used.

“DataBridge sees this partnership as being mutually beneficial, and we feel fortunate to work with companies like QuSecure as their business continues to grow,” added Lozupone. “We expect new customers to be driven to our facility to benefit from the combination of QuSecure’s quantum security offerings and the infrastructure scale and physical security provided by DataBridge Sites.”

QuProtect is the industry’s most advanced PQC solution providing quantum-resilience for many of today’s critical use cases, including network, IoT, edge devices and satellite communications. QuProtect can be hosted on-premises or via the cloud delivering the most compatible solution to the post-quantum problem, solving today’s complex compliance challenges, such as bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and work-from-home policies.

An organization can implement PQC across all devices on the network with minimal disruption to existing systems, protecting against current classical and future quantum attacks which could irreparably disrupt industries and infrastructures across government and commercial sectors.

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