Cisco AppDynamics Cloud accelerates detection and resolution of performance issues

Cisco has launched AppDynamics Cloud, a cloud-native observability platform for modern applications which are based on increasingly complex, distributed architectures and services.

AppDynamics Cloud enables delivery of exceptional digital experiences by correlating telemetry data from across any cloud environment at massive scale. It leverages cloud-native observability to remediate application performance issues with business context and insights-driven actions.

“AppDynamics Cloud delivers power and usability in a single, intuitive interface. It puts the focus where it needs to be—on 360-degree visibility and insights, and the ability to take action that leads to extraordinary application experiences every time,” said Liz Centoni, EVP, Chief Strategy Officer, GM of Applications.

AppDynamics Cloud maximizes business outcomes and customer experiences by continuously optimizing cloud-native applications. It accelerates detection and resolution of performance issues, before they impact the business or the brand, with intelligent operations. Investment protection is derived from continuous data integrations with OpenTelemetry standards and technology partnerships with cloud solutions and providers.

The platform enables collaboration across teams including DevOps, site reliability engineers (SREs), and other key business stakeholders to achieve common benchmarks like service-level objectives (SLOs) and organizational KPIs. While many organizations still run their mission-critical and revenue-generating systems with traditional applications, modern business apps are increasingly built using DevOps initiatives and must support distributed architectures and services. This pandemic-accelerated trend has spawned an end-to-end experience revolution among consumers and end users, and hybrid work is contributing exponential momentum.

To deliver the consistent, reliable digital experiences that consumers and end users now demand, IT teams must monitor and manage a dynamic set of application dependencies across a mix of infrastructure, microservices, containers, and APIs using home-grown IT stacks, multiple clouds, SaaS services, and security solutions. Traditional monitoring approaches break down in this vastly complex and dynamic ecosystem.

AppDynamics Cloud seamlessly ingests the deluge of metrics, events, logs, and traces (MELT) generated in this environment—including network, databases, storage, containers, security, and cloud services—to make sense of the current state of the entire IT stack all the way to the end user. Actions can then be taken to optimize costs, maximize transaction revenue, and secure user and organizational data.

“Built from the ground up with cloud-native observability, AppDynamics Cloud is about real outcomes, so you can fix issues when they arise—or even before they happen—and ensure digital services offer exactly what users want,” said Centoni.

Current AppDynamics customers can upgrade to AppDynamics Cloud and leverage their existing application performance monitoring (APM) agents, or feed both solutions concurrently. AppDynamics Cloud supports cloud-native, managed Kubernetes environments on Amazon Web Services (AWS), with future expansion to Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and other cloud providers.

Tim Masey, Carhartt’s Vice President, IT Infrastructure & Security, “The apparel industry is more complex, dynamic, and competitive than ever. Every aspect of your operation—from procurement through sales and customer service—has to be firing on all cylinders because even the slightest delay or hiccup can have wide-ranging impact on everything from manufacturing operations to customers’ ability to buy products online. It’s imperative to have complete visibility into every corner of the operation to make sure things are running smoothly, which is usually easier said than done.”

Vincent Lamonde, Director of Cloud Operations, Insurity, “We’re a leader in the insurance technology market, with more than 80% of our customers operating within the cloud. Our clients might have hundreds of customers they’re supporting who expect our system to work flawlessly all the time. If it takes significant time to identify and resolve an issue, it could impact their business and the customer experience. We are bound to maintain service level agreements (SLAs), so finding new ways to identify and resolve in less time can make a world of difference.”

Peter Hvedstrup Jensen, Head of IT Operations, Velliv, “As a pension provider, it’s imperative that every system, component and application work flawlessly. Our customers shouldn’t have to wait to find the information they need or repeatedly visit an application that’s unexpectedly not available. A cloud-only architecture can be very complex and intricate. We needed greater visibility and control over every aspect of the environment because even an hour of downtime will negatively impact our customers.”

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