ThreatX API Protection Quick Start Program enables businesses to extend security to their APIs

ThreatX launched its API Protection Quick Start Program, designed to help organizations better protect their APIs by rapidly deploying real-time protection against botnet, DDoS and complex, multi-mode attacks.

APIs are a gold mine for attackers because they enable applications to share information and are increasingly used to streamline communication between consumers and business partners. As a result, the adoption of APIs has far outpaced security teams’ ability to protect against threats, leaving the systems they connect exposed. While some vendor offerings promise full API security, they often lack bot protection or real-time blocking capabilities, leaving customers exposed to threats.

ThreatX’s Quick Start program gets businesses up and running with API protection by enabling them to build their own API security program without straining resources. The program provides real-time monitoring and blocking of attacks against APIs and enables protection without excess tools or attack data that must be analyzed after the fact. The fully managed program provides customers with support from ThreatX’s Security Operations Center (SOC), complete with 24/7 coverage and accessible expertise.

“We’ve seen firsthand that security teams are struggling to understand how to protect their organization’s APIs against real-time threats, and they’re often trying to do so with scarce time, resources and human power,” said Billy Toomey, Vice President of Sales of ThreatX. “We’re thrilled to launch this program, and are confident it will empower small, midsized and enterprise customers to begin building their API security programs with the full support of ThreatX’s SOC.”

Organizations interested in the API Protection Quick Start Program will receive three package options that start at $14,950. These packages include 12 months of protection against API attacks, fully managed API protection services, deployment and onboarding services and monthly API protection health checks.

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