Impinj releases E910 RAIN RFID reader chip for next-generation enterprise IoT

Impinj released the Impinj E910 RAIN RFID reader chip for next-generation enterprise-grade readers that can discover and engage a high-volume of connected items such as retail apparel, pallets, airline baggage, and automobile parts.

The Impinj E910 reader chip delivers the industry-leading performance, low power consumption, and ease of use needed for loss prevention, inventory management, and supply-chain automation solutions.

Raising the performance benchmark

The Impinj E910 provides the highest receive sensitivity, -94 dBm, of any reader chip available today, enabling reader manufacturers to meet the speed and distance requirements of demanding RAIN RFID applications such as fast-moving conveyors and high-bay warehouse rack systems.

“The Impinj E910 reader chip will shepherd in a new era of RAIN RFID applications that connect trillions of everyday items,” said Chris Diorio, Impinj co-founder and CEO. “The E910 is the most highly integrated, easy to use and sensitive reader chip on the market today, unlocking enterprise RAIN RFID applications in retail, supply chain and logistics, automotive, aviation and myriad other market segments and opportunities.”

Simplifying IoT device development

Available now to select Impinj partners, the high-performance E910 expands Impinj’s existing E family of reader chips, which includes the E710, E510, and E310. Together, these chips provide improvements over the prior-generation Impinj Indy reader chips, including:

  • Up to 80% smaller RAIN RFID system designs ideal for small, next-generation readers and IoT devices.
  • 50% lower chip power consumption, supporting battery-powered, energy-efficient readers and IoT devices.
  • Software- and pin-compatible designs for easy performance upgrades and design reuse between E family chips.

Easy-to-use developer tools and a new Impinj R515 reader reference design allow Impinj partners to accelerate new reader innovation. The reference design includes comprehensive documentation and engineering drawings that help IoT device manufacturers maximize the capabilities of the Impinj E910 reader chip in their readers, while at the same time speeding time-to-market.

The Impinj E910 advances the Impinj platform, which comprises RAIN tag chips, reader chips, readers, and Impinj’s partner ecosystem.

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