Field Effect partners with RosettiStarr to offer cyber protection services to businesses and law firms

Field Effect announced a strategic partnership with RosettiStarr, an international intelligence, investigations, and security services company.

This partnership delivers best-in-class cyber security services, providing RosettiStarr customers with advanced protection against cyber threats across the globe.

“Cyber security risks are embedded in everything we do online, and it is imperative that businesses enhance their security postures to meet the dynamic threat cyber criminals pose to critical systems and sensitive data,” said Kip Edwards, Managing Director and General Counsel of RosettiStarr. “By combining Field Effect’s deep technical proficiency with RosettiStarr’s expertise in investigations, intelligence, and security, we can now deliver full-spectrum incident response services to businesses and law firms managing breaches along with a best-in-class security solution enabling our clients to monitor their threat surface and prevent attacks in the first place.”

RosettiStarr will leverage a security solution called Covalence, Field Effect’s managed detection and response solution (MDR). Covalence is the only such tool built and designed from the ground up that makes it easy for small and medium businesses to get comprehensive, sophisticated protection from a single platform. Its unique strength is that it sees into every aspect of a business’ threat surface and aggregates the data from multiple security events into simple, actionable steps, making it fast and easy to prevent and resolve threats.

RosettiStarr has worked with Field Effect to develop a first of its kind instance of this powerful application designed to help institutional investors implement a cyber security standard across their portfolio investments while also giving them real-time situational awareness into their holdings’ threat surfaces.

“We built Covalence to ensure organizations of all sizes have access to powerful cyber security protection,” said Shri Kalyanasundaram, Chief Growth Officer at Field Effect. “By joining forces with RosettiStarr, which is known for its world-class intelligence and security solutions, we’ve created a comprehensive suite of security services that will help protect their customers at the time they need it most.”

RosettiStarr will also work with Field Effect to help clients respond to cyber incidents worldwide and is now offering a comprehensive pre-transactional cyber maturity assessment for clients’ prospective investments. The partnership between Field Effect and RosettiStarr reflects their ongoing commitment to strengthening the cyber resilience of people and organizations around the world.

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