Scrut Automation Trust Vault helps businesses with security and compliance protocols

Scrut Automation launched a new product called Trust Vault as an integrated offering to its smart GRC platform.

Trust Vault is an offering in the compliance automation space and the first of its kind in the APAC region, that provides a transparent and public view of an organisation’s security controls. It improves the organisation’s ability to prove its commitment to information security, reduces time spent in security reviews by ~75%, and accelerates sales cycles.

The Trust Vault is built to reduce the hassle of manually updating security details, and eliminates the need to build and maintain a dedicated security page. With this offering an organization can:

  • Embed a customizable Trust Vault page on their website, aligned with its brand identity
  • Display relevant security certifications, attestations, reports on its website
  • Provide NDA-backed gated access to detailed reports
  • Showcase real-time status against various security controls

“For SaaS companies, particularly the ones serving enterprise customers, building trust is critical. But building trust is hard, time-consuming, and honestly, painful, as it often involves answering multiple lengthy security questionnaires and sharing various artifacts on demand,” said Aayush Ghosh Choudhury, Co-Founder & CEO, Scrut Automation. “With Trust Vault, our goal is to enable SaaS companies to build trust on day one of the engagement and to use it as a lever to differentiate from their competitors.”

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