Deque Systems appoints Glenda Sims as Chief Information Accessibility Officer

Deque Systems announced the appointment of Glenda Sims to Chief Information Accessibility Officer (CIAO) where she will offer strategic leadership, provide governance and oversight, empower accessibility both with its customers spearheading innovation as well as within the organization.

As the industry continues to see a demand for digital accessibility, the company felt it was necessary to redefine what sustainable accessibility looks like – and that should start at the executive level with a dedicated accessibility officer who is ultimately a catalyst for change that continuously drives the conversation for accessible transformation.

Today’s businesses must recognize that having inaccessible digital platforms means an entire population faces an insurmountable barrier to access content, products or services. Long-term inclusivity requires organizations to commit to accessible practices. With this top-down support, all individuals—of all abilities—should be able to engage in a user-based experience that is easy and efficient.

“After serving as Team Accessibility Lead at Deque for over 10 years, I’m thrilled to move into this new role because every organization needs accessibility at the executive level,” said Glenda Sims, CIAO at Deque. “Ensuring accessibility is top-of-mind at every level of an organization is key to empowering diversity, accessibility and inclusivity. In this role, I’m charged with implementing accessibility in every decision we make at Deque while also helping arm our customers with the tools needed to implement accessibility across their digital channels.”

Deque’s first dedicated CIAO, Sims will be responsible for keeping ahead of trends in the accessibility industry, driving thought leadership with new technologies, innovating to help improve accessibility efficiency for our customers, monitoring and motivating accessibility excellence at Deque and providing strategic input to executive leadership.

“Accessibility is the core mission of our business. Having previously held many of the responsibilities of a CIAO at Deque, as we have grown, it’s time to pass on the torch of this role, adding an executive dedicated to accessibility to meet the needs of the industry. I have watched Glenda navigate the changing landscape of digital accessibility over many years, and I cannot think of a better person to fulfill the role of a CIAO at Deque – one who will light the torch for many others for many years to come to further our mission of digital accessibility in this world,” said Preety Kumar, CEO at Deque.

Further, Sims’ previous experience at Deque Systems has prepared her for this new, and very necessary, role. She built the company’s digital accessibility experts to a robust team of over 100 people, helped create accurate WCAG Test Methodology, established usability testing for accessibility, and provided strategic consulting for those looking to maintain sustainable digital accessibility programs.

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