IronNet partners with Brookdale Community College to help defend against cyber threats

IronNet announced that it has partnered with Brookdale Community College by deploying the IronNet Collective DefenseSM platform to help defend against increased cyber threats facing the higher education sector.

With the deployment of the IronNet Collective Defense platform, Brookdale Community College will improve its network visibility and threat detection, transitioning its existing tools from a defensive to proactive cybersecurity posture. Brookdale Community College joins the IronNet community of educational organizations, including K-12 districts and higher education institutions.

Recent data from Microsoft Security Intelligence shows that the past 30 days, 82 percent of all malware attacks globally, or nearly 6 million, were targeted at educational organizations. With the IronNet Collective Defense platform, organizations can anonymously exchange actionable attack intelligence to stop attacks before they happen.

“In today’s world, we see bad actors targeting schools at every level,” said George Sotirion, Chief Information Officer of Brookdale Community College. “Our community college requires a platform that protects the data and privacy of our faculty and students and offers us real-time visibility into relevant threats. Only IronNet offers an industry-leading platform that can strengthen our network security and offer insights from across a community of peers.”

“The education sector is now a primary target for cyber attacks, putting our next generation at risk. We need leaders across school districts, colleges, and universities to work together to protect this critical sector from further attacks,” said General (Ret.) Keith Alexander, co-CEO and founder of IronNet. “As a top community college in the U.S., Brookdale is taking a proactive stance against bad actors by partnering with IronNet to not only defend its networks against real-time attacks, but also strengthen the security posture of the entire education community.”

Brookdale Community College will use the IronNet Network Detection and Response (NDR) solution, a leading AI-based NDR tool as part of the Collective Defense platform, to better detect and defend against cyber attacks. The security platform will enable the community college to leverage NDR capabilities, powered by behavioral analytics, to detect unknown threats on its network and, in turn, anonymously in real-time exchange visibility with others in the Collective Defense community.

The IronNet Collective Defense platform is the only solution that can identify anomalous behaviors and deliver actionable attack intelligence to all the other participants in the IronNet community. It serves as an early warning system for all participating companies and organizations, strengthening network security through correlated alerts, automated triage, and extended hunt support.

Based in Lincroft, NJ, Brookdale Community College has approximately 10,000 part- and full-time students and has five regional locations in Monmouth County. According to Best Community Colleges, Brookdale was ranked in the top 50 community colleges in the United States and was named the best community college in New Jersey.

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