Infortrend introduces WORM and MFA features on EonStor GS to keep data safe from ransomware

Infortrend Technology introduces immutable object storage or write-once-read-many (WORM) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) security features to their EonStor GS unified storage solutions, ensuring the safety of stored data, specifically against ransomware.

Ransomware attacks today are still rising, showing that the traditional ways to prevent these threats such as firewalls and antivirus are not full-proof methods. Therefore, enterprises have started utilizing immutable or WORM storage repositories to take advantage of its write-once-read-many characteristics to protect archived data.

Infortrend’s EonStor GS unified storage families now offer immutable object storage. Organizations can set the data as WORM to avoid being encrypted by ransomware and fulfill retention policies by designating a retention period to avoid accidental data erasure.

In addition to the immutable object storage, the multi-factor authentication (MFA) function is also implemented into the GS families. It requires an additional one-time password for account access, either from an APP or via email. The functionality is proven to be effective against unauthorized access, even if the password has been compromised. According to Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency, implementing the MFA function makes the account 99% less likely to be hacked.

“The immutable object storage and MFA offer reinforced security. Mandatory for some and highly-recommended safety measure by governments around the globe, especially in government organizations, financial, and medical industries, WORM and MFA functions can further protect sensitive and valuable data from unlawful access,” said Frank Lee, Senior Director of Product Planning.

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