Endace partners with Vectra to defend customers against advanced cyber threats

Endace and Vectra have partnered to combine Endace’s packet capture and always-on network recording with the Vectra AI-driven threat detection and response platform. The combination of the two products gives security teams accurate discovery at all attack stages with conclusive forensic evidence, for faster and simpler threat investigation and response.

The Vectra platform uses AI to automate and detect hidden cyberthreats through continuous analysis of network traffic. Attack behaviors are exposed with a combination of data science, machine learning and behavioral analytics.

EndaceProbes record weeks or months of network traffic, to put every detail of every threat right at your fingertips. Turnkey integrations with Vectra platform, enables fast, accurate incident investigation and resolution.

The result of this integration provides customers with:

  • Detection, investigation and response of threats and alerts across the entire network
  • Streamlined workflows for one-click access to definitive evidence
  • Conclusive evidence with a complete record of all stages of any cyberthreat

“Detecting and responding to threats before the attackers establish a foothold is critical to defending against advanced cyber threats.” says Cary Wright, VP of Products at Endace. “Integrating Vectra’s AI driven threat detection with EndaceProbe provides security teams with one-click to all the evidence required to respond to any threat.”

“SOC teams often rely on recorded packet data during forensic investigations to support their findings. We are excited that customers can now Integrate the Vectra Platform with EndaceProbes and accelerate the incident response process.” says Brad Woodberg, Director of Product Management at Vectra.

Vectra is the latest company to join Endace’s Fusion Partner Program. The program provides pre-built integrations of solutions with EndaceProbe’s API to deliver performance, integration and on-demand deployment to our customers.

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