ActZero releases Blueprint for Ransomware Defense to improve cybersecurity posture for enterprises

ActZero has launched the Ransomware Task Force’s (RTF) “Blueprint for Ransomware Defense”. Aimed at small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that have limited cybersecurity expertise, the Blueprint provides a set of achievable ransomware safeguards to harden their IT environments. ActZero contributed to the development of the Blueprint, and is actively engaging with its clients, partners, and prospects to encourage adoption.

The RTF’s 2021 report called for the cybersecurity community to “develop a clear, actionable framework for ransomware mitigation, response, and recovery”. The Blueprint for Ransomware Defense Working Group was formed with participation from prominent public and private players in the cybersecurity industry.

Through its efforts, the Working Group developed a Blueprint composed of a list of recommended actions to defend against ransomware and other common cyber attacks. The Safeguards provide “essential cyber hygiene” to help defend against general, non-targeted attacks.

SMEs are the backbone of North America’s economy, representing 98% of all companies. However, there are growing cracks in that foundation as a result of cybersecurity preparedness challenges as SMEs often don’t have the resources to manage cybersecurity controls. Many businesses don’t know where to start, leaving them lost and exposed to threat actors.

“Willingness to act has rarely been the roadblock to ransomware protection, rather it’s the availability of accessible tools that are simple to use, and economically feasible” said Chris Finan, President & Chief Operating Officer at ActZero. “Given our common goals, we were excited to engage with the Ransomware Task Force to develop and advance this clear and easily-implementable plan for ransomware protection. We’ve made it our unwavering mission to use our hyperscale, AI-powered MDR service to protect small and medium-sized enterprises from increasingly sophisticated cyber criminals.”

The Blueprint lays the groundwork for more advanced capabilities like detecting and responding to threats that have evaded protective measures. Being able to stop adversaries who bypassed protective measures is key to avoiding ransomware, and implementing an MDR service is the practical way for SMEs to accomplish this goal.

Having played an integral role within the Working Group, ActZero is well positioned to help SMEs implement the Safeguards. Furthermore, ActZero can complete the resilience effort and thwart adversaries by layering in the advanced threat hunting and A.I.-driven prevention and detection capabilities of its MDR service.

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