Everbridge Travel Protector informs traveling employees of emerging threats

Everbridge has released the full integration of Travel Risk Management (TRM) and Critical Event Management into a single SaaS solution called Everbridge Travel Protector complemented by Everbridge Assist, Powered by Anvil.

Everbridge now offers the end-to-end, full-lifecycle solution for organizations to fulfill their Duty of Care/Protect Duty for traveling employees, remote workers, field service workers and those who have returned to the office.

“With the reality of the new hybrid workforce and upswing in business travel, Everbridge’s advanced Travel Risk Management features and services, now available, become even more important for fulfilling Duty of Care and building enterprise resilience,” said Julie Deppe, Director of Product Management at Everbridge.

“Customers seek one single pane of glass to view and manage critical events, mass notification and travel risk and assistance services. Everbridge uniquely addresses this pressing customer need.”, Deppe continued.

Everbridge Travel Protector augments the Everbridge CEM platform to offer businesses, healthcare, and government organizations the functionality they require around the unification of travel data, pre-trip travel advisories, granular automated traveler alerting, and dynamic location awareness to keep their people safe wherever they go.

These capabilities, combined with global medical and security assistance through a 24/7 response center, also help organizations build standards to meet the recently published ISO 31030 guidance.

In the case of one cosmetics and personal care company with thousands of employees around the world, Everbridge Assist enabled the company to coordinate evacuations of its personnel from Ukraine soon after the invasion began.

“With personnel situated in Ukraine, we’d been receiving regular updates from Everbridge in the form of situation reports informing us of the escalating tensions. As a result of these detailed reports, and following the advice of Everbridge’s Physical Operations team, it became clear that we needed to remove our people from the area to ensure their safety. The Everbridge team worked closely with us, arranging to collect personnel from different locations, transferring them to a central rally point, from where they were evacuated to a safe location away from the height of the conflict. Throughout the various transfer and evacuation stages, the Everbridge team provided transportation, professionally vetted drivers, and vital supplies to ensure that our people were well looked after. They also identified safe houses for use along the routes. At all stages, they kept in regular contact with us, informing us of progress and reassuring us of the safety of our people.”

A security and business continuity representative at the cosmetics company continued, “For us, the safety and wellbeing of our personnel is of paramount importance, so the support of Everbridge during such a stressful and potentially volatile situation was invaluable. They provided an exceptional service by an extremely professional team of people.”

Travel risk managers and Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) operators want to understand where their travellers currently are or will be – to protect them if they will be in proximity of a risk event.

Everbridge offers integrated data connectors to hundreds of travel data sources for complete travel itinerary knowledge. Organizations can now identify travellers at risk, and can assess and communicate with them via mobile to ensure their safety.

With Travel Protector, Everbridge has now also added a one-touch mobile push button option to enable travelling employees to access Everbridge Assist 24/7 global managed medical and security services.

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