CircleCI Visual Configuration Editor allows teams to visualize and streamline complex workflows

CircleCI has unveiled the CircleCI Visual Configuration Editor, an all-in-one open source project for configuration editing, including creating component definitions and usages.

CircleCI’s open source Visual Configuration Editor is a drag-and-drop node based graphical editor giving teams the ability to create configuration from scratch, easily upload and edit existing config.yaml files, and visualize and streamline large, complex workflows.

Developers and teams face a lot of challenges and wasted time when trying to create a mental model of their entire workflows without visualization aids. CircleCI’s Visual Configuration Editor serves to alleviate those challenges by providing a visual orchestration of their pipeline development all in one place.

“As software development becomes more complex, our goal is to provide best-in-class CI/CD services to developers where they are, regardless of the tools and languages they use. CircleCI’s latest open source Visual Configuration Editor provides customers at any level an alternative for visualizing and developing CI pipelines,” said Jean-Philippe Leblanc, Senior Vice President, Engineering at CircleCI.

Early developers will find the Visual Configuration Editor useful for:

  • Configuration is automatically generated as you go.
  • Access all CircleCI orbs with a single click, to integrate with popular services.
  • Input is validated in real time.
  • Visually manage tag and branch filters.
  • A streamlined configuration building experience, so you can orchestrate your pipelines with confidence.

More experienced customers will find the Visual Configuration Editor useful for:

  • Making changes without having to trace through the YAML.
  • Previewing workflow orchestration.
  • A visual explainer for educating peers on your project’s CI pipelines.
  • Ease of access to advanced functionality of orbs.

Additional benefits include extensibility through CircleCI orbs and webhooks. CircleCI orbs, or sharable packages of configuration, can make it easier to implement different solutions, like splitting a config file. Setup workflows can also be used to set pipeline parameters for both API and webhook triggers.

CircleCI’s Visual Configuration Editor was created by the CircleCI Config SDK, which is a javascript/typescript library for CircleCI CI/CD processes. The library serves as a programming abstraction layer for YAML based configuration and has many core elements/features implemented into classes and methods.

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