Ntrinsec’s key security automation platform removes security risks around encryption key reuse

Ntrinsec has launched its key security automation platform. The platform eliminates security risks around encryption key reuse and poor key management.

Ntrinsec key security automation platform

Integrating with third-party key management systems (KMS), hard security modules (HSMs), certificate authorities, and cloud providers, Ntrinsec offers full automation around all key lifecycle processes. This ensures all keys adhere to best practices and it will make key compromise a thing of the past.

Automating machine identity secrets at scale, Ntrinsec has built a moving-target defense strategy that outmaneuvers cybercriminals in complex environments. Users can map all keys and host machines within the platform to ensure proper key hygiene and identify exploitable key reuse.

Ntrinsec then powers crypto-reduction policies and creates anomaly detection and automation for remediation, stopping data breaches before they even begin.

With a combination of technology and a team with decades of expertise, Ntrinsec is in a position to solve today’s data protection challenges.

“We are excited to introduce the world’s first key security automation platform from Ntrinsec. Our goal is to protect organizations from data breaches, and this tool has the strength to do just that,” said Ntrinsec CEO, Michael Leidesdorff.

Ntrinsec’s moving target defense approach is making sure that digital secrets are kept safe in perpetuity.

“Bad actors are increasingly exploiting key hygiene issues like key-reuse and local wallets. With this attack vector quickly growing and industry standards calling only for annual key rotation, which is hopelessly out-of-date, a platform like Ntrinsec is needed now more than ever.”, Leidesdorff continued.


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