Alteryx Server-FIPS enables users to scale analytics initiatives across public sector agencies

Alteryx announced Alteryx Server-FIPS, a version of its Server offering that is aligned with the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) for data security and computer systems.

The launch of Server-FIPS is monumental for the use of analytics in public sector environments that require enhanced data encryption. Alteryx Server-FIPS is a FIPS-capable and scalable server-based product for scheduling, sharing, and running apps and models created in Alteryx Designer-FIPS for others in the organization to leverage.

This announcement comes on the heels of Alteryx Designer-FIPS, demonstrating Alteryx’s commitment to providing automated analytics to the public sector. The new offering allows analysts to share and collaborate on analytic workflows, macros, and analytic apps with other users throughout their organization. Additionally, IT leaders can trust that Alteryx Server-FIPS provides visibility, control, audibility, and FIPS capability needed to manage self-service analytics at scale, making analytic governance more achievable.

“With the launch of Alteryx Server-FIPS, we are doubling down on our enablement activities across the public sector with expanded access to secure analytics and a keen focus on building data literacy across the government workforce,” said David Colberg, vice president, global government affairs and public policy, Alteryx. “This is an important step in our journey, and we will continue to prioritize the security compliance needs of our partners and customers in order to meet increasing demands across the government space.”

Analysts at federal, state, and local government levels face pressing policy decisions that impact organizations and individuals within their jurisdiction. To make data-driven recommendations, analysts can utilize automated analytics to build workflows that give stakeholders the actionable intelligence they need to make rapid decisions that drive the organization forward. Public sector agencies can more accurately resource plan and provide personalized services to citizens to better protect national and economic interests with secure access to analytics.

“The federal government has stringent information security requirements, especially for software that manages and analyzes federal data. The launch of Alteryx Server-FIPS demonstrates a continued company commitment to meeting the needs of the federal government,” said Nick Sinai, senior advisor, Insight Partners. “Alteryx is meeting the public sector where they are with automated analytics, helping government agencies build data skills and get more done.”

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