Ardalyst and Mandiant join forces to protect organizations against cyber threats

Ardalyst announced a new technology partnership with longtime collaborator Mandiant on the release of the Mandiant Advantage Threat Intelligence Connector for Microsoft Sentinel.

The connector is now generally available, enabling Microsoft Sentinel users to receive Mandiant actionable intelligence on adversaries, context on indicators of compromise and continuous insights on the evolving threat landscape.

Ardalyst and Mandiant share a common mission to stop breaches and put customers’ needs first. Both companies have long operated under the practice that in order to defend against tenacious cyber adversaries, there must be a combination of cutting-edge technology, strong industry partnerships and elite cybersecurity experts.

As a Microsoft Gold Security Partner and Mandiant technology partner, Ardalyst is supporting customer requests to deliver integration tools that accelerate the implementation of Mandiant’s breach investigation and response driven threat intelligence capabilities into Microsoft environments.

Ardalyst is recognized for bringing perspective and deep expertise in federal and defense sectors and can extend cybersecurity capabilities to organizations of all sizes. By serving those customers, Ardalyst has developed experience and acumen in compliance standards and the variants of cyber conflict that are now prevalent in the commercial space.

“An important concept in cybersecurity is the Liar’s Paradox,” said Josh O’Sullivan, CTO of Ardalyst. “A compromised system can’t truthfully attest to its own security state. By combining Microsoft and Mandiant technologies, users get a much better view of the environment and can break the paradox. We’ve communicated to customers the value of combining Mandiant and Microsoft technologies and services for years and are excited to be a part of developing these integration capabilities to make things that much simpler.”

“Mandiant and Microsoft are established industry leaders. Further, a growing number of our customers are looking for the advanced hunting expertise and world-class intelligence that Mandiant brings,” said Michael Speca, President at Ardalyst. “This strategic partnership gives us the ability to help extend Mandiant’s vision of how its offerings can best serve Microsoft’s customers. Pair that with the emerging capabilities and growing momentum of Microsoft Sentinel, and it’s a perfect combination. Ardalyst is excited for the opportunity to support Mandiant with the growth of this roadmap.”

“In our line of work, we see that organizations don’t always have the resources to put into building a resilient cybersecurity program until after an incident, or a failed security audit,” said Marshall Heilman, CTO at Mandiant. “Mandiant’s professional services organization is a leader at helping businesses along this journey. Joining forces with trusted partners like Ardalyst helps to accelerate our abilities and keep those organizations on the right track.”

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