Box Sign now helps customers move more of their transactions to the cloud

Box has released a new set of features for Box Sign, to help customers move more of their transactions to the cloud. With these features, users can publish documents online for signature, edit signature requests in flight, enjoy an improved signer experience, and more.

Box also announced that Box Sign is available for all Box users at no additional cost.

“The future of work is digital-first and paper-based processes hold companies back from reaching their full potential,” said Diego Dugatkin, Chief Product Officer at Box.

“Since entering the e-signature space, our north star has been to deliver all customers with a simple, secure, and cost-effective e-signature solution. Today, we take another big step towards achieving that goal by expanding Box Sign’s core capabilities so that customers can do more with The Box Content Cloud without added costs. We are just getting started within this space, and customers can expect to see even more innovation for Box Sign in the future.”, Dugatkin continued.

New Box Sign features

Available as part of all Box plans, Box Sign empowers users with e-signature capabilities and makes it easy to execute employee, customer, and partner transactions digitally.

Over half a million Box users have already been enabled by their IT teams to take advantage of Box Sign to expedite digital transactions, and this will continue to grow as enhanced Box Sign features unlock new use cases.

With these updates, customers can use Box Sign for more advanced use cases including streamlining high-volume business processes for commonly standardized documents such as NDAs, event registrations, liability waivers, and more.

Now, businesses can leverage the Box Content Cloud to transact more of their signature-based processes, helping further reduce IT spend.

Box released the following new features:

  • Ready-sign link, which generates a reusable document link that can be shared via email or online, and allows anyone the ability to access and sign the document, and get a copy of the document for their records. This feature powers more advanced e-signature use cases such as high-volume transactions like event registrations, liability waivers, consent forms while helping reduce costs for customers by eliminating the need to pay per envelope or transaction.
  • Revise signature request, which allows the sender to edit, modify, or correct certain aspects of a signature request after it has been sent out, without having to void and resend. This increases efficiency by enabling teams to correct typos and make edits to a contract without having to cancel and start over.
  • Sign-Relay integration, which enables users to move the signing log and executed document in lockstep for Relay workflows employing the ‘Sign event’ trigger. This enhancement supports automated archival workflows for signed documents enabling users to configure file-specific Relay outcomes such as file, metadata, and task actions apply to one or both files.
  • Signature framing, which provides visual evidence that a document was signed using Box Sign. The frame around the signature contains a document ID number and indicates Box Sign is powering the transaction, providing easy identification and higher credibility.
  • Enhanced signer navigation, which gives signers a better user experience with improved document navigation and guidance elements, resulting in higher completion rates for documents sent out for signature.
  • API updates for webhooks and redirect flows, which enable developers to build desired user experiences in third-party and custom applications based on Box Sign events that trigger the appropriate downstream behavior. For example, a bank using a webhook can understand that a loan document is signed, triggering the next step of sending it to the client manager to review. From there, redirect flows can help show signers the right landing pages based on whether they signed or declined.

Box also announced its native e-signature capability is now available on all of Box’s Individual and Business plans at no additional cost.

Specific access for individual and starter plans include:

  • Freemium users can send up to five documents out for signature per month, and have access to a set of standard e-sign features.
  • Personal Pro can send up to 15 documents per month, and access additional e-sign features such as SMS two-factor authentication, password protection, and more.
  • Starter users can send up to 10 documents per user per month, access all the features in the Personal Pro plan, and additionally customize the signing disclosure presented to signers.

New features come on the heels of several enhancements made to Box Sign this year. This summer, Box announced a deepened integration with Salesforce that allows customers to send Box files for signature directly from within Salesforce.

Earlier this year, Box announced improved workflow automation features and APIs that power e-signatures in third-party and custom applications, along with new and deepened integrations with UiPath and SIGNiX.

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