Ridge Security and Stellar Cyber partner to deliver a single platform for SecOps teams

Ridge Security has partnered with Stellar Cyber to deliver an integrated solution that streamlines security operations and consolidates multi-sourced data and insights into one single platform to investigate and remediate threats.

The joint solution integrates the AI/ML-driven foundation and automated pen-testing capabilities of Ridge Security’s flagship product, RidgeBot, into the Stellar Cyber Open XDR platform.

Open XDR consolidates the capabilities of multiple security products – NG-SEIM, NDR, and SOAR – into a single platform and single license.

Streamlining the security stack and adding exposure management and automated penetration testing from RidgeBot completes the security stack to reduce risk exposure and deliver cyber resilience to lean security teams.

“Today’s lean security teams don’t have the resources or time to manage, prioritize and address every security alert. We have partnered with Ridge Security to deliver a single platform that does the heavy lifting for the weary SecOps teams. With this joint solution, SecOps benefit with automated and continuous security validation and accelerated threat and risk detection, with a faster path to remediation.” says Steve Garrison, VP of Marketing, Stellar Cyber.

“Building 360-degree visibility across the network, endpoints, users, apps, and multiple clouds means collating all available tools and products and dealing with an ever-increasing volume of data generated by each tool to glean insights,” says Lingling Zhang, President & Co-founder of Ridge Security.

“Our joint solution delivers a cyber resilient, high-fidelity Open XDR platform with automated penetration embedded to accelerate threat hunting, prevention, detection, and remediation for SecOps teams.”, Zhang continued.

The joint solution delivers threat intelligence to SecOps, strengthening their efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity.

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