NetSupport Manager 14 protects data in the hybrid work environment

The working landscape has changed forever. Now, with workforces dispersed across hybrid work environments, having the technology to allow employees to operate effectively while staying secure is key for every organization.

For the last 33 years, NetSupport Manager has been recognized as the solution to help companies manage technology devices in different locations and this latest release reflects the new requirements of organizations in 2022.

New look and feel

Co-produced directly with businesses to meet their current and changing needs, version 14 highlights a brand-new user interface with an intuitive layout and ribbon bar to help users navigate the tools more quickly and easily – minimizing training requirements and ensuring IT technicians have maximum flexibility in how they wish to work.

Security runs throughout

Naturally, security figures highly with any remote support tool, so NetSupport Manager v14 includes support for RADIUS authentication and full Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to fortify security at the point of login and guard against any attempted access by unauthorized users.

To further safeguard an organization’s data and to ensure that it remains completely within its control (without any need to use third-party services), NetSupport Manager already provides local LAN/WAN support over IP, alongside flexible HTTP communication through its Gateway component that can be hosted on an organization’s premises or in a private cloud.

Now, in v14, new Gateway encryption with SSL/TLS certificates has been added for data security – while security strongholds such as gateways, security keys and operator passwords have been boosted with higher levels of encryption.

To support the protection of personal data, Client log files can be edited to only show selected information. For example, to protect personal data in customer databases, usernames may need to be hidden from the view of operators.

Automatic connections save time

The ultimate evidence of impact for any system is its reliability and performance, so learning lessons from the last two years and taking the changing work landscape into account, new Load Balancing Gateways proactively manage incoming connections and automatically distribute them across multiple gateways to avoid a single point of failure.

This is especially useful for larger businesses, as it ensures consistent maximum performance and reliability without the need for operator intervention.

Commenting on the release of NetSupport Manager v14, NetSupport’s CEO, Al Kingsley said, “The pandemic accelerated the shift to the ‘future of work’ and we quickly recognized that security and flexibility are critical in this new environment. NetSupport Manager has been trusted by organizations across the world over the last 33 years to manage their technology in remote locations – whether for users on their PCs, or for those using point-of-sale terminals, factory robots and other devices. The release of version 14 with its new UI and enhanced security features ensures that companies, customers and employees everywhere benefit.”

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