ServiceNow unveils new features in Now Platform Tokyo to increase business resilience for organizations

ServiceNow has released even more solutions within the Now Platform Tokyo designed to supercharge operational intelligence and trust.

In addition to ServiceNow Vault, ServiceNow is releasing new AI-powered features and developer and risk management tools to help organizations operate more efficiently and power more resilient business models.

According to Gartner, software infrastructure spending in segments containing PaaS, cloud management and security is forecast to grow at a double-digit rate, reaching a combined spend of over $120 billion by 2026.

Customers are leveraging the breadth of ServiceNow’s capabilities as their platform for digital business amid macroeconomic uncertainty and unprecedented cyber risk. Additional solutions in the Tokyo release use AI and the highest levels of platform privacy and security controls to boost business intelligence and mitigate risk.

“Operational trust and efficiency are top of mind for business leaders. Organizations are investing in digital technologies that help them unlock efficiencies and save costs, while protecting their data in an increasingly challenging and sophisticated threat landscape,” said Jon Sigler, SVP for the Now Platform at ServiceNow.

“With new AI-powered automation and risk management solutions in the Tokyo release, we are helping customers create more resilient, secure, and productive business models, all on a single platform, so they can navigate uncertainty with confidence.”, Sigler continnued.

New Tokyo solutions that boost intelligence and trust in business operations include:

  • Task Intelligence for Customer Service Management arms service agents with AI and automation capabilities, freeing them to focus on the most complex customer cases and helping them be more empathetic when working with customers. Task Intelligence applies AI to the most common use cases to automate routine tasks like categorizing emails and cases and routing them to the right team, at the right time, in the right language with Sentiment Analysis to give agents visibility into a customer’s tone so they can prioritize work.
  • Automation Center empowers IT teams and Automation Centers of Excellence with complete visibility of their organization’s hyperautomation landscape in a central, vendor-agnostic hub to drive greater efficiency and cost savings across the organization. In addition to overseeing ServiceNow’s own RPA inside Automation Engine, Automation Center also provides insights on third party automations. By integrating siloed islands of automation across vendors into one cohesive view, Automation Center enables organizations to maximize business impact, ROI, and operational health.
  • DevOps Config helps ensure DevOps teams can reduce outages caused by configuration changes, making their organization’s software and services more reliable, and helping prevent revenue loss associated with outages. DevOps Config, which is included in ITSM Pro, manages configuration data for applications, releases, environments, and infrastructure in a single repository. Access control and real-time validation of configuration changes, along with centralized management, security, and validation—seamlessly, and within development pipelines—contribute to outage prevention.
  • Operational Resilience Management, part of ServiceNow’s Risk Management portfolio, helps organizations continue to serve customers, deliver products and services, and protect their workforces in the face of adverse events. With new Scenario Analysis capabilities, customers can design and simulate events to determine potential impact to operational resilience. These new capabilities allow teams to plan ahead as they anticipate, prevent, adapt to, and recover from any business disruption.
  • ITSM Pro+ adds a new layer of business intelligence to the digital tools employees and customers use. For organizations, ITSM Pro+ includes all the capabilities of ITSM Pro—and adds powerful insights with out-of-the box analytics and dashboards, as well as a new end-to-end white glove service called Virtual Agent Optimize (VAO). With VAO, ServiceNow’s team of experts sets up, manages, and continuously optimizes Virtual Agent conversations with Natural Language Understanding (NLU) in real time, so customers can quickly leverage the Virtual Agents for the most effective responses and resolutions.
  • ServiceNow Vault uses flexible key management and data classification to drive data anonymization, ServiceNow Vault enables organizations to protect sensitive confidential data and increase regulatory compliance through native platform encryption. Vault also enables organizations to strengthen their platform security posture by simplifying the management and protection of machine credentials, as well as validating the authenticity and integrity of code being deployed to the MID Server helping to ensure no malicious insertion. Finally, Vault facilitates organizations to export their ServiceNow system and application logs at scale and in near real time as a service.

The Now Platform Tokyo release was designed to help organizations navigate business challenges amid an uncertain macro environment. The ServiceNow Tokyo release is purpose-built to deliver better employee and customer experiences, supercharge intelligence and trust in operations, and accelerate value in ways that are good for people, good for the planet, and good for profits.

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