Accenture partners with Toshiba to support green transformation efforts of the companies’ clients

Accenture is collaborating with Toshiba to provide consulting services to support green transformation (GX) efforts of the companies’ clients.

The collaboration will target industries with high greenhouse gas emissions and other organizations with urgent needs to improve energy efficiency.

Accenture will work with Toshiba to design and develop new sustainability services to drive emission reductions, in addition to strategies and solutions for carbon neutrality. Accenture will leverage its experience developing circular-economy business models and implementing sustainable supply chain processes, such as green procurement, as well as using cloud and other technology solutions from its partner ecosystem.

Toshiba brings with it a robust stable of existing carbon-neutrality technologies and services to the collaboration, including renewable energy systems, digital energy management systems, renewable energy-derived hydrogen solutions, and carbon dioxide capture and recovery facilities.

Toshiba is aiming to achieve carbon neutrality throughout its entire value chain by fiscal 2050. It has set a preliminary goal for fiscal 2030 of cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 70% from fiscal 2019 levels.

The combination of Toshiba’s methods to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and Accenture’s expertise and capabilities in sustainability will result in vendor-neutral offerings to support clients’ emission reduction priorities. Accenture and Toshiba will evolve and refine their green transformation business model based on market trends and client needs.

Goro Yanase, representative executive officer, corporate senior executive vice president and COO at Toshiba said, “We are pleased to launch GX consulting services with Accenture. Toshiba Group provides technologies and services that contribute to solving social issues through our wide range of businesses, guided by our basic commitment — Committed to People, Committed to the Future. We are now building on this by developing capabilities and solutions that will contribute to the realization of carbon neutrality and a circular economy. Working with Accenture, we hope to further expand our business and contribute to the realization of a carbon neutral society by providing consulting services that support companies with proposals extending from planning through to the achievement of carbon neutrality goals.”

Shinji Igarashi, senior managing director at Accenture in Japan, said, “Our work with Toshiba demonstrates our commitment to embed sustainability into everything we do. We are focused on helping companies create business value and also reduce their carbon footprint.”

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